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What is Lolita Goth?

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You must mean "gothic lolita". First of all, Lolita is a harajuku fashion in Japan that is supposed to make the girls (Or guys, but it's not very common for guys) look like Victorian porcelain dolls. Lolita in general is supposed to be modest and exquisite, as in the shoulders are often covered, the poofy skirt goes down to the knees, the heel of the shoe must be as thick as the actual heel, the hair must be neat, the makeup must be clean, etc. Lolita fashion does not involve cheap lace, shiny or cheap fabrics, stiletto heels, open toed shoes, plunging necklines, anime , legwarmers, fishnets, leather, PVC, etc.

Gothic lolita is a subgroup of lolita fashion. There are more then ten groups of lolita fashion. In gothic lolita, the main color scheme is black and white, sometimes red. The clothing and accessories are oftentimes romantic or dark, such as intricate crosses, coffins, sheer black lace (lace used for funerals), chunky goth Mary janes, gothic cameos, etc. It follows all the rules for lolita fashion.

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What are types of Lolita?

GothicSweetPrincessPunkGalTwinClassicalThere are many types of Lolita. Gothic Lolita, or EGL (Elegant Goth Lolita), is a mixture of Goth and a typical Loli style. It consists of darker colours of clothing and makeup, and purses are in designs such as bats, coffins or crusifixes. Religious symbols, like the western goth, are used as accessories.Sweet Lolita, also known as ama-loli, focuses on child and fantasy-themed clothing in pastel colours. Makeup is minimal, but uses pastels to help maintain the child-like theme. Purses are in the forms of fruits, crowns, hearts, and stuffed animals. The typical Sweet Lolita outfit is made up with lace, gingham, ribbons, pastels, and other colourful prints. Headdresses and Alice Bows are very popular with this form of Lolita.The Classic Lolita is a mixture of Gothic and Sweet-loli styles. Not as dark as goth, but not as cutesy as sweet. Classic-loli is more mature and looks more sophisticated with its use of small, intricate patterns and muted colours. Makeup is more subdued, focusing on "the natural look". Jewlery is also less intricate.Punk Lolita adds certain elemants of punk fashion into Lolita. Items such as tattered fabric, ties, safety pins, chains, and screen-printed fabrics are common elements in Punk-loli clothing. Short, androgynous haircuts are common. Popular clothings are blouses, cutsews, and skirts.There are many othere sub-fashions of Lolita, such as Wa Lolita (traditional Japanese clothing incorperated into the Lolita stye), Qi Lolita (similar to Wa Lolita, only with traditonal Chinese clothing, usually modified to accomodate a petticoat), ÅŒji("Boystyle" or "Prince", although both genders can wear it), Hime (princess), Guro (using fake blood, makeup, and bandages to suggest the contrast between "purity and their wounds". Guro Lolitas usually wear white, since it contrasts so well with red), and Sailor Lolita (using sailor collars and ties, sailor hats, and stripes. This look is very popular in anime)

What nicknames does Lolita Rodriguez go by?

Lolita Rodriguez goes by Lolita.

What has the author Lolita Romanova written?

Lolita Romanova has written: 'Lolita Romanova'

What is the difference between goth and gothic?

Gothic is about the actual historical style of gothicism. For example, historical gothic clothing or items, like lace, candles, roses, crucifixes, etc. Gothic Lolita is a good example of gothic. Goth is more of the modern style of goth, however, it is not true gothicism, as many "goths" have not entered the same mindstate as "gothics." Most "goths" will wear all black and fingerless gloves, for example. Goth is much more like emo, in a way.

What is the birth name of Lolita Davidovich?

Lolita Davidovich's birth name is Lolita Davidovi.

Why is Andy sixx goth?

Andy Six is not Goth. He looks Goth, and is accused of being Goth. But Andy publicly stated that he is not Goth.

What is the birth name of Lolita Lindsay?

Lolita Lindsay's birth name is Lolita Marie Lindsay.

What is the birth name of Lolita Milyavskaya?

Lolita Milyavskaya's birth name is Lolita Markovna Milyavskaya.

What is the birth name of Lolita Morena?

Lolita Morena's birth name is Lolita Laura Fiorella Morena.

What does lolita in English?

Lolita means lolita in eglish. The term represents a sexually precocious young girl.

What is the birth name of Lolita Ray?

Lolita Ray's birth name is Mira Lolita Teresia Ray.

Is miley goth?

No. She is not Goth.

Who wrote Lolita?

Vladimir Nabokov wrote Lolita.

How many pages does Lolita have?

Lolita has 368 pages.

Who is Lolita in the novel 'Lolita'?

Lolita is a term used for a young girl that arouses much older men and is aware of this fact and acts upon it. Dolores is this person in the book.

Was the fashion Goth inspired by the Goth tribe?

No it was not. The name goth is just a coincidence.

How did goth start?

Goth originated with barbarians. Anything that was barbaric was referred to as 'goth'.

What is goth in French?

It is actually the same in English as it is in French. Goth in French is Goth.

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Lolita Morena is 173 cm.

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Lolita Deyoung is 5' 2".

What was the Production Budget for Lolita?

The Production Budget for Lolita was $55,000,000.

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