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Jeffrey Nero Hardy Matthew Moore Hardy

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i don't know jeffs but matts is Moore

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Q: What is Matt and Jeff hardy middle name?
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What is the name of Jeff Hardy's show?

The name of Jeff hardy 's show is the hardy show with Jeff,Matt hardy and shannon Moore

What are Jeff and Matt hardy real names?

Jeff Hardy's real full name is: Jeffrey Nero Hardy=Matt Hardy's real full name is: Matthew Moore Hardy=

Is matt hardy and jeff hardy last name hardy?


What names do Jeff hardy hate?

he hates the name Matt hardy

Jeff and Matt Hardy's dad's full name?

Gilbert Hardy

Is Matt hardy really reltaed to jeff hardy?

No Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy just happen to have the same last name because they chose their ring names. Yes Matt and Jeffy Hardy are actually Brothers.

What Jeff hardys brothers name?

Matt hardy

Who is Jeff hardy and Matt hardy father name?

Gilbert Hardy A.K.A Claude G

What is Jeff Hardy's mom's name?

Ruby Moore Hardy, and his dad's name is Gilbert Hardy?

What is the name of Jeff and Matt Hardys dad?

His name is Gilbert Hardy.

Who is Jeff hardy and Matt hardys fathers name?


What is the name of the tv reality show which is going to b host by Jeff hardy?

the hardy show stars......Matt hardy......Jeff hardy........and shannon Moore