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What is Medicare B?

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Part B helps cover medically-necessary services like doctors' services, outpatient care, and other medical services. Part B also covers some preventive services. You can find out if you have Part B by looking at your Medicare card. For more details:

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Do you have to have Medicare Part B if you have a medicare supplemental plan?

Yes; by definition, Medicare supplemental insurance "supplements" Medicare A & B.

Is what are Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B?

Part A is Hospitalization and B is Doctor visits.

What is Medicare part b deductible for 2012?

The Medicare Part B Deductible for 2012 is $140.

Does Medicare A B cover drug prescriptions?

no Medicare D does

What does Medicare part and a and b cover?

Medicare Part A covers hospital services. Medicare Part B covers services by other providers such as physicians.

What is medicare part a and medicare part b?

part a is hospital coverage, part b is dr coverage

How do you pay for your medicare Part B if you are still working?

how do you pay for medicare part b if i am still working

Who is eligible for Medicare part d?

Anyone who has Medicare Part B.

Difference between Medicare part-A and Medicare part-B?

part a is hospital coverage, part b is for doctor coverage

Do you have Medicare part b if THE Medicare number has t after it?

The "T" usually represents a status like 'Temporary' it's not associated with Part B. Part B. The partB would be present on the Medicare card below the Medicare ID number and below Part A.

Does medicare a and b cover setting a broken nose?

medicare part b is for medical part and medicare part a is for hospital. If the procedure was done in the hospital it should be coverd.

What is the constellation Medicare plan?

Constellation Health Medicare Advantage is a Medicare Plan Part C provider. It is a private company that works in addition to Medicare Parts A and B. The person still continues to receive Medicare. The Constellation plan kicks in to cover expenses that are not covered by Medicare parts A and B.

Cost of Medicare part a b d?

what is the cost of medicare part d

Does medicare part b cover aquatic therapy?

does medicare cover aquatherapy

Is silver sneakers available through medicare a or b?

It is part of Medicare Advantage.

What is the difference between Medicare part A B?

Medicare Part A (HIB) covers hospitalizations. Medicare Part B (SMIB) covers services by physicians, surgeons, labs, etc.

What the letter B stands for on a Medicare Card?

When receiving Medicare it is important to know what the symbols on the card mean. The letter B on the Medicare Card means the carrier is not the wage earner.

What os medicare part B and what does it cover?

Medicare part B is an optional insurance offered for people already on Medicare. Part B offers ambulance services, clinical research, medical equipment, and much more.

What year did Medicare advantage plans start?

If I have Medicare Advantage for 3 years can I return to my medigap policy and A and B medicare?

What is Medicare Modernization act?

The Medicare Modernization Act of 2003 (MMA) provided for a special enrollment period for Medicare Part B for TRICARE beneficiaries who have Medicare Part A. If you have Medicare Part A (which generally pays for hospital care) and don't have Medicare Part B (which generally pays for doctor visits) you may be able to enroll in Part B without paying a late enrollment penalty.

Does Medicare part b pay for prescriptions?

No. Prescriptions are covered by Medicare Part D.

Do you have to have Medicare B before you can get Medicare D?

No, you only have EITHER Part A of Medicare OR Part B of Medicare to get Part D. It is not necessary to have both parts to get D. This is completely incorrect according to the Social Security Adm. (This is where you have to sign up for Medicare). I was told this information 9-24-10.

Do you have to have medicare B in order to get medicare D?

no, you only have to have EITHER Part A OR Part B to get Part D. You can get Part D if you only have Part A.

What does the letter B stand for on your Medicare card?

This indicates you are enrolled into the Medicare Part B....which pays for physcian services and durable medical equipment.

What do the letters at end of Medicare number stand for?

Medicare part A = Hospital and Facility coverage Medicare part B = Professional (doctors and specialists) coverage Medicare part D = Rx Medicare part C = Part A B D combined After part C refers to supplement plans