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What is New Mexican cuisine?

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When most people talk about Mexican food in America, they are

referring to "Tex-Mex", which is enchiladas, tamales, refried

beans, rice - the stuff you get in Mexican restaurants all over.

New Mexican cuisine refers to a blend of that sort of food with

American Indian, American, French, and whatever else suits. It's

typified by fresh ingredients and inventive combinations. An

enchilada stuffed with zuccini blossoms and topped with a green

Chile sauce made with goat cheese might qualify (I just made that

dish up - not saying it's real or good) as New Mexico cuisine. The

state has vast Chile fields, and has always been known for a

certain flavor and style of food, but in recent times there has

been a growth of awareness and and influx of chefs and other food

people, particularly in Santa Fe and surroundings. Instead of using

"Chile", they might use some certain Chile, or a blend from certain

places to get just some certain flavors, or put unique things

inside tamales, or make special sauces with unique ingredients

instead of just "enchilada sauce". The term New Mexico Cuisine

really means Mexican food with a gourmet flair to it,


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