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When most people talk about Mexican food in America, they are referring to "Tex-Mex", which is enchiladas, tamales, refried beans, rice - the stuff you get in Mexican restaurants all over. New Mexican cuisine refers to a blend of that sort of food with American Indian, American, French, and whatever else suits. It's typified by fresh ingredients and inventive combinations. An enchilada stuffed with zuccini blossoms and topped with a green Chile sauce made with goat cheese might qualify (I just made that dish up - not saying it's real or good) as New Mexico cuisine. The state has vast Chile fields, and has always been known for a certain flavor and style of food, but in recent times there has been a growth of awareness and and influx of chefs and other food people, particularly in Santa Fe and surroundings. Instead of using "Chile", they might use some certain Chile, or a blend from certain places to get just some certain flavors, or put unique things inside tamales, or make special sauces with unique ingredients instead of just "enchilada sauce". The term New Mexico Cuisine really means Mexican food with a gourmet flair to it, ultimately.

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What food is New Mexico known for?

None. New Mexican cuisine is non-existent, having imported most cuisine from either California, Texas or Mexico.

In what type of cuisine is a tomatillo mainly found?


What are two staples of Mexican cuisine?

tacos and burritos

Types of food in New Zealand?

All types of cuisine is available in New Zealand, chinese, indian, Italian, French, Continental, Mexican and Japanese

Difference between tex mex and Mexican food?

Mexican food is ethnic and authentic and from Mexican recipes using Mexican ingredients. Tex-Mex is what happens when an American makes a Mexican recipe, but adjusts it using American ingredients.Mexican cuisine:mexican-cuisineTex-Mex:tex-mex

What foods are staples to Mexican cuisine and accompany almost every Mexican meal?

Beans, corn, and peppers.

What is a traditional Mexican cuisine?

Tacos, Quesidillas, burritos, fajitas and flan

When were burritos first made?

The burrito came from Mexican cuisine Tex Mex is the home and Americanized Mexican cuisine. the beginnings of the burrito was in the 1800s to the early 1900s, Read more from the related link below.

What are 2 ancient societies that influenced Mexican cuisine and culture?

Mayans and Aztecs

Where can one eat Mexican food?

At any local Mexican Restaurant, but the best Mexican can be had in Mexico. An imitation of original Mexican cuisine can be found in fast food places like Taco Bell.

What are the similarities between Mexican and Spanish cuisine?

there are nearly no similarities other than a shared language...both use rice, and don't mind the occasional spicy combination, but Mexican cuisine loves cilantro and could nearly call it Mexican or southwest just because you used a lime

What are the holy trinity foods of Mexican cuisine?

The holy trinity in Mexican cuisine uses three different types of dried chili peppers to make mole sauce. The three peppers are ancho peppers, pasilla peppers, and guajillo peppers.

What food is Colorado Famous for?

Mexican, for there are several Mexican restaurants throughout the state (every single Colorado city has at least one Mexican restaurant). Also southwestern US cuisine, which is mostly Mexican dishes.

What are the release dates for Check Please Bay Area - 2005 Memo's Mexican Cuisine Souls Restaurant?

Check Please Bay Area - 2005 Memo's Mexican Cuisine Souls Restaurant was released on: USA: 10 July 2010

What are some good Authentic Mexican food recipes?

You can find recipes for Mexican foods on the following or

What tradition does Mexico and the US both have?

Both celebrate Christmas and both enjoy Mexican cuisine.

Which cultures and countries had an influence on Mexico cuisine?

A combination of Aztec, Mayan and Spanish cuisine has been the most defining force behind Mexican food styles. Also, French influence is found in Mexico's cuisine since the 1850's.

What spices are for Mexican cuisine?

Cilantro, Culantro, Sazon Completa, Cinnamon, Pico de Gallo, and peppers are all good things to add to Mexican food.

What actors and actresses appeared in New Jewish Cuisine - 1999?

The cast of New Jewish Cuisine - 1999 includes: Stan Taffel as himself

Are insects part of southern Mexican cuisine? Hope that helps you out, interesting for sure.

Do they use mozzarella in Mexico?

Mozzarella can be purchased at most supermarkets and stores, but it does not belong to Mexican cuisine - it is of Italian origin.

What is the menu at tres amigo in tulsa?

Tres Amigos Mexican Restaurant offers Tulsa a family-festive atmosphere with warm, gracious service and freshly-prepared Mexican cuisine.

What are three main chilies that Mexican people use in their food?

Chile de arbol, Poblano, Huajillo, Serrano, Cascabel, Morita are some of the varieties of chili that are used in the Mexican cuisine.

Are the girls Jewish in New Jewish Cuisine?


Why do Mexicans have salsa with their food?

Salsas are a common liquid condiment used in Mexican cuisine. It is used the same way ketchup or mustard are used in American cuisine: to add flavor, moisture or spiciness to a different dish.