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What is Shannon capacity In What conditions the capacities of a channel become zero Calculate the capacity of a channel when its SN 33dB?


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January 02, 2012 9:49AM

) Shannon capacity tells us theoretical highest data rate or the capacity of a channel irrespective of the physical materials of the channel or media. It is calculated for a channel with the following formula C = B log2 (1 + S/N) in bps. Where B=bandwidth of the channel and S/N=signal to noise ratio.

2) The capacity of the channel becomes zero when the signal to noise ratio is zero or for extremely noisy channel S/N=0…..

3) Extremely noisy channel

S/N = 33dB or 2981 watts

And bandwidth of the signal B=2000

So, C = B log2 (1 + S/N) = 2000 log2 (1+2981)

C = 2000 log2 (2982) = 2000*11.52 = 23056.47 bps

to be more specific capacity becomes zero when the signal power is zero. since

S/N=S/(N0*B) S- signal power, N0 - noise PSD, B- Bandwidth for txn

S/N=0 If and only if S=0; because if N0 AND B are zero S/N=infinity