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What is Stardoll's email?

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It's kinda weird. Well Callie's real name is Nadia and her pet dog name is Mak.

Her e-mail is

No! its!

No, Callie.Stardoll's e-mail is

Actully,none it's something else but im telling u Ariana:)

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yes i am aminisadrop u can go to stardolls cheats and find it i hope that i helped u

stockholm in Sweden stardolls main office is located ta

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well you go to your stardoll and go into account then you change you email to then you change your password once you have done that in a week you get free membership It worked for me!!!

Well you must be friends with the person. Then click on the picture of a letter under your MeDoll. Then click Compose! :) -Nicki<3

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Well, stardoll probably doesn't have one particular email. Only stardoll staff would have these email addresses, and certainly wont give them out to anyone. (By researching stardoll i learned the email of one of the staff, but i will not give this to everyone.) You can email stardoll to ask questions, give suggestions, report scammers etc. by scrolling to the bottom of the page, and under the heading 'Information' one of the links will say 'contact'. Press this button to send stardoll an email.

name? paperdollheaven chek me out im kiwievie on stardoll.

im sure only the twins milly and becky

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one child but has adopted another. I believe they both have stardolls

You are not supposed to know other people's passwords, especially callie.stardoll's.

no hun log on every singal day you gET $1 EVERY1 knows that dahhh

Dizzywood, neopets, club penguin, minyanland, buildabearville, Stardolls and Webkinz.

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