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Lisa Marie Varon

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Q: What is TNA knockout wrestler Tara's real name?
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What is the Wrestler Homicide's real name?

The wrestler Homicide's real name is Nelson Erazo.

What is tna knockout odb's real name?

jessica kresa

What is the wrestler GI ho's real name?

No such name

What is Elijah Burke the wrestler real name?

Elijah Burke is his real name.

What is the wrestler Cains real name?

kane's real name is glen jacobs,

What is TNA knockout Velvet Sky's real name?

it is Jamie Szantyr

What is the real name of WWE wrestler 'Stone Cold'?

His real name is Steve Williams

What is tna wrestler kiyoshi's real name?

Kiyoshi's real name is Akira Raijin

What is roh wrestler Eddie Edwards real name?

He does not give his real name out to the public.

Is taras bulba a real person?


What is the real name of the wrestler known as Sabu?

The real name of the wrestler known as Sabu is "Terry Michael Brunk". Terry is an American professional wrestler born in 1964, and is well known for his extreme wrestling style.

What is the wrestler the boogeyman's real name?

Martin Wright