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In Texas
Texas is a state of the United States. It is in the central time zone. Texas is also very hot and dry. the abbreviation for Texas is TX.
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Where is Texas?

\n. \n Location of Texas \n. \nTexas is the southern U.S. state bordering Mexico to the south and Louisiana to the east, on the Gulf of Mexico. To the west is New Mexico and to the north is Oklahoma.\n. \nStats\n-State Bird: Mocking Bird Texas is located in the South Central United States, an ( Full Answer )

Who was the leader for Texas in the Texas Revolution?

There were several, Sam Houston, Erasmo Seguin and Juan Seguin, Thomas J. Rusk, Jose Antonio Navarro, Stephen F. Austin, Salvador Flores and Manuel N. Flores, David G. Burnet, Lorenzo de Zavala, Ben Milam and more...

Why was Texas named Texas?

It was named in 1690 and after the Tejas (Native Americans) thatlived there. An extra fact is that Tejas means friends.

What are cites in Texas?

I will provide a few cities to get you started: Houston, Dallas, Fort-Worth, Austin, and San Antonio.

What are the minerals in Texas?

Texas is a state with large land mass. It is rich in naturalminerals. Some of these minerals are: Barite, Beryllium, Bismuth,Celestite, Coal, Clay, and Copper.

Can you get emancipated in Texas?

Yeah, you can. You've gotta be at least 16 though. Plus I think over there they call it "removal of minor disabilities" or something like that.

What was the Texas frontier?

Following the Civil War, approximately 5 million longhorn cattleranged freely across South Texas. This south Texas area laterbecame known as the Texas frontier.

How was Texas acquired?

annexed and according to an 1836 treaty, its borders stretched to the Rio grande but was disputed by Mexico and then after a 2 year war the US paid money to Mexico for it. (18 million and change).

What is the latitude of Texas?

The state of Texas extends a little more than 10-1/2 degrees in latitude. Its northernmost extent is the border between the Texas and Oklahoma panhandles, at 36 degrees 30 minutes north latitude. Its southernmost extent is the dip in the Rio Grande River about 1.6 miles south of the intersecti ( Full Answer )

Mountains in Texas?

Texas is home to many mountains. Bush Mountain, Guadalupe Peak,Baldy Peak and Shumard Peak are all over a mile high.

Where is Denton Texas?

Denton, TX is about 45 minutes away from Dallas by car. It lies onLewisville Lake and Lake Ray Roberts.

Are there caves in Texas?

There are over 3,000 caves in Texas, mostly west of the town of San Antonio. Honeycreek cave is over 20 miles long thanks to hard-care cave explorers like Bill Steele, Kurt Menking, and Don Broussard.

What does Texas produce?

Beef, cotton, grain sorghum, watermelons, cabbages, spinach, wheat, corn, oil, electronics, automobiles, airplanes, trucks, movies, citrus fruits, chemicles, timber,Salsa with peaches that is only a handful of thing. Texas has so many resources its hard to name them all. Beef and other

Who is Texas?

well if u study into history in school u will knw Texas is not a who its a place it our state

Texas inspection car in Texas?

You must have a car inspection sticker, to drive a car in texas. The state will send you registration stickers, you have to get the car inspected yourself, once a year.

Where is Texas AM?

Texas A&M is located in College Station, Texas. There is another branch in Prairie View, Texas where the black students went back in the day when there was segregation--which is not just for black students any longer.

What can you not do in Texas?

If you mean: what are you not able to experience in Texas then... Zip line in a rainforest, see a howler monkey, witness a city breaking the world's coldest temperature, etc. If you mean: what should you not do in Texas (referencing to culture)... Being abrupt and frank is often seen as rude in the ( Full Answer )

Why was the Texas flag chosen for Texas?

Most of the settlers in Texas were from The US. It was modled after the US Flag. The one star is from the fact that we were 1 county not many states.

Who was Texas?

Texas was not a person, per se, Texas comes from the name Tejas, meaning friend, which was given to the Hasinai Indians of eastern Texas, by the Spanish explorers. As to your question, "Who was Texas?" Texas, over the last 175 years, has been the home of brave freedom fighters who stand up and are ( Full Answer )

Is there a Texas City Texas?

Yes, Texas City, Texas is located in Galveston County, on the mainland Texas Gulf Coast area.

What do you were in Texas?

Texas isn't a foreign country, you wear anything you would wear in a different state. You might want to dress for warm in the summer, but no not everyone in the state wears chaps and cowboy boots.

Which is best Texas or Texas A and M?

This is a matter of opinion. Texas A&M offers many great science and biology programs, while University of Texas offers many award-winning business and engineering programs.

Why is the Texas state song Texas Our Texas?

Texas, Our Texas was selected as the official state song in astatewide competition. It was composed by William J. Marsh of FortWorth, and the lyrics were written by Marsh and Gladys YoakumWright.

How did Texas become the Republic of Texas?

Texas became the Republic of Texas after it won it's independence from Mexico in 1836. Texas became a state after it's annexation to the United States in 1845.

Why did Texas win the Texas revolution?

A lot of it was because of the battle of San Jacinto, and the Treaties of Velasco. After the battle of San Jacinto, Santa Anna hid himself. Soon after he was found and captured, and held captive for some time. He was then asked to sign the treaties saying that he would no longer fight Texas, etc., a ( Full Answer )

What Texas presidents were born in Texas?

Two Presidents were born in Texas. Dwight D. Eisenhower was born on October 14, 1890 in Denison, Texas and Lyndon B. Johnson was born on August 27, 1908 in Stonewall, Texas. Eisenhower's family moved ti Kansas soon after he was born but Johnson spent his whole life as a resident of Texas. ( Ge ( Full Answer )

Is Arlington a part of Texas or in Texas?

Arlington, Texas, is a city in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex in Texas. However there are several cities in other states that are also called Arlington. The one in Virginia may be the most famous, because the National Cemetery and the Pentagon are both located there.

Is Frisco Texas in Dallas Texas?

I suppose it could be considered part of the Dallas metropolitan area, but it's 30 miles north of downtown.

When did Texas become Texas?

It became independent from Mexico in 1836, and was a its own country (the Republic of Texas) for nine years. Texas was admitted into the U.S. in 1845.

Is Texas in Mexico?

No, but it once was, until the Alamo when America won it from Mexico, some well known people who were on America's side who were in it are Davy Crockett, William Travis, and James Bowie, but sadly they all died in the Alamo.

What Texas war did Texas win?

For one, it won the Texas Revolution and gained its independence from Mexico in 1836.

What happened to Texas after the Texas revolution?

After The Texans Won The War, They Began To Create An Independent Nation But They Really Wanted Texas To Join The U.S. This Didn't Happen At First Because Texas Was A Slave State, And Mexico Didn't Recognize Texas As An Independent Nation. So Many U.S. Citizens Rejected Texas Because Of Slavery And ( Full Answer )

What is a Texas wegie?

A wegie that kills. It gets streched all the way to your head and they slap your butt

Is seleana from Texas?

yes she was there when she was 2 and got her cereare when she was 3 so she left teaxes

Can you homeschool in Texas?

Yes, I believe so. I know a family who homeschooled around the Austin area in Texas, and they had a homeschool group and everything. I'm pretty sure that means it isn't illegal, but you may want to check if they have any rules about homeschooling (like if they have to still take standardized tests). ( Full Answer )

When was Texas officially called Texas?

I believe somewhere in 1836, after winning it's independence from Mexico, unless you mean when it became a state in the U.S. in 1845.

Are alligators in Texas?

They are but only in some areas. very southern but they're mainly found in tropical areas. I lived in Texas and people used to catch gators in the south and bring them up north and put them in the public lakes. haha jerks right? So to answer your question: yes.

Is he at Texas?

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Where in Texas is Schlitterbahn?

The original one is located in New Braunfels, Tx however there is also a Galveston island (indoor) schlitterbahn located in Galveston and a South Padre Island one located South padre island.

Where is or was Peru Texas?

I have no good answer but I can tell you there has been multiple credit card fraud charges listing the city as Peru, TX on many accounts if that helps.

Did Texas have a war in Texas in 1519?

Texas wasn't even considered Texas until the 1800's. So,technically no. There could have been a battle between Spanishconquistadors and Native Americans in present day Texas area. Butthe latest battle in Texas was in the Civil War, Confederate andUnion soldiers.

How for is spring Texas from splendora Texas?

29 miles taking this route: . Take U.S. 59 SOUTH from Splendora to SH-242. EXIT. . Turn right off the exit ramp, then take SH-242 WEST to I-45. Follow signs to I-45 SOUTH. . Take I-45 SOUTH to Spring. The exit for Spring is EXIT 70.

How did the Texas Longhorn breed get to Texas?

Texas Longhorns, but only as a breed name, originated in Texas, they were named as such in the mid 1800's. The cattle from this breed have ancestry from the Spanish long-horned cattle that came with Christopher Columbus when he and many others landed in what was termed the "New World." These cattle, ( Full Answer )

Is center Texas in the center of Texas?

No, it is not. It is in the center of Shelby County and therefore it is called Center. Plus really awesome people live here. We aint just a bunch of hicks. Answer: Center, Texas is on the eastern edge of Texas, near the border with Louisiana.

Why is the Texas flag important to Texas?

The official state flag of Texas, called the Lone StarFlag, was adopted in 1845 when Texas became the 28th state of theUnited States. The colors represent bravery (red), purity (white),and loyalty (blue). The large white star was first used on Texasflags in the 1830's during the battles between Texa ( Full Answer )