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What is The Tina Davis Company?

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The Tina Davis company is a music and entertainment agency. The company represents young artists (most notably Chris Brown). For more information see www.

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Is The Tina Davis Company looking for somemore talent?


Can you contact Chris Brown through Tina Davis Company?

No, you cannot Chris Brown through Tina Davis , because they do not seem to be dating or going out together.

Is Chris Brown going out with Tina Davis?

No Chris Brown isn't going out with Tina Davis

What is the location of the Tina Davis company?

I dont know but her REAL phone number is 646-294-7464.

Who is chris browns manager?

Tina Davis

What is Chris Brown's manager's name?

Tina Davis

Who is chris browns manager right now?

Tina Davis

How do you get a hold of Chris Brown?

You would have to contact his manager (Tina Davis).

What is Chris Brown's manger's name?

His manger name is Tina Davis

When was F. A. Davis Company created?

F. A. Davis Company was created in 1879.

Who was Chris Brown texing that started a fight?

His manager, Tina Davis, but no one knows exactly

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George W. Davis Motor Car Company was created in 1908.

Is Davis firearms still a company in operations as of today?


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Robert H. Craven has written: 'F. A. Davis Company, 1879-1979' -- subject(s): Biography, Davis (F. A.) Company, Philadelphia, Publishers and publishing

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What is Chris Brown's fanmail address?

You can write a letter to Chris Brown at this address - Fan Mail Address: Chris Brown The Tina Davis Company 96 Linwood Plaza Suite 454 Fort Lee, NJ 07024 USA You can find more celebrity addresses at!

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Jim Davis made most of his accomplishments by the time he was in his 40s. He bought a 6-person company and turned it into a 4,000-person company which has a revenue close to $2 billion.

Is Chris Brown in a relationship with his manager?

yesAnswerYes he is in relationship with his manager Tina Davis... They have been in love ever since the start of her finding chris brown's talent. Chris brown's team will deny this forever because of the fact that she was messing around with chris brown when he was a minor. Tina Davis is very evil inside don't let her kindness fool you. Chris brown and his manager are together!

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