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What is The main compounds found in ruby?


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Aluminium Oxygen and Chromium


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Carbon is found in all organic compounds.

the main compounds found in the rotten egge gas are;- hydrogen-sulphur

There are so many compounds that are found in human body. Some of main compounds include water, proteins, amino acids and carbohydrates among others.

what are the 4 main organic chemical compounds found in living things Type your answer here...

oxygen and iron, the oxygen in the air or water reacts with the iron

The main compound in ruby and sapphire is corundum. It is made of transparent materials in both ruby and sapphire.

The first ruby was found on June 30th, 1919.

The ruby was first found in August 26th 1837

There are no compounds found in calcium. Calcium is an element.

- Carbohydrates - Lipids - Proteins - nucleic acids

Burma was for centuries the main source of rubies. Now, the leading ruby mining area in central Myanmar, the area of Mong Hou and the most recently found is in the northern state of Kachin

Carbon, Hydrogen and Oxygen are the three main elements of organic compounds.

The main compound is Be3Al2(SiO3)6 : beryllium aluminium silicate, with traces of chromium.

Sir Gilbert Denbrows, an English mineralogist found the first ruby :)

The main organic compound found in living things is carbon. There are other organic compounds which include proteins, carbohydrates and nucleic acid among others.

Silicon is an element, and therefore by definition no compounds are found in it!

Carbon compounds are said to be main ozone destroying gases. They form oxides and then form a chain reaction with the ozone.

They are found in Tanzania

Chlorine can be found in either ionic compounds such as sodium chloride or in covalent compounds such as hydrochloric acid.

they are only found in compounds owing to their high reactivity

Covalent bonds are the main type (virtually the only type) of bonds found in organic chemistry, and there are far more organic compounds than inorganic compounds.

I don't believe you can get Celebi on Ruby.

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