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the chemical composition does not change.

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Q: When ice melts what happens to its chemical composition?
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Does the composition of the ice change when it melts?

The composition of ice is H2O, and once it melts to water, its composition is ... H2O! So, no, the composition does not change.

Is ice melting a chemical change?

No. Ice does not change composition when it melts. There is no color change or any other change. It is still H2O. Ice is solid. When it melts, it becomes liquid. No chemical change.

When a cube of ice is heated what happens?

the ice melts

Is it physical or chemical when ice melts?


When ice melts you can tell it is a chemical change because?

The melting of ice is a physical not, not a chemical change. You can tell this because the chemical composition of ice and water are exactly the same, i.e. they are both H2O. Only the physical property has changed since one is a solid and one is a liquid.

What happens when ice is wrapped in saw dust or woolen blanket?

=it melts==it melts==it melts=

What happens to water particles as a cup off ice melts and then evaporates?

The chemical nature of water remain unchanged.

Ice melts a physical or chemical change?


Why when ice melts can you tell its not a chemical change?

The chemical structure is unchanged.

This happens to ice when it gets hot?

It melts

What happens when an ice cube is heated?

it melts..........

What happens when ice is in a plastic cup?

. it melts

What happens to ice cream when you boil it?

Ice cream melts when you boil it.

What happens as ice melts?

As ice melts, its framework collapses and it becomes more dense as it turns to liquid water.

Does melting ice changes the chemical composition of water?

The chemical composition of water remain unchanged.

What happens to the arrangement to the molecules as ice melts?

The arrangement of water molecules start having their chemical bonds break as ice melts. Hydrogen bonds constantly form and break constantly moving everything out of position.

What is chemical composition of ice and water?


What happens when dry ice melts?

Rather than melts, dry ice evaporates. This process is called sublimation and happens at a slower rate than the melting of water ice.

What happens as ice melts and as water evaporates?

Melting is the transformation of a solid in a liquid.Evaporation is the transformation of a liquid in a gas.The chemical formula of water, ice, vapors is identical.

What happens if you leave an ice cube out of the freezer?

it melts

What happens to ice cream when it is hot out?

It melts rapidly.

What happens to particles when ice melts?

it explodes! :D

What happens when you put ice in boiling water?

It melts

What happens when you sprinkle salt on an ice cube?

it melts...

What happens when solid ice melts?

It becomes water.