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Map a network drive to the Windows XP share.

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You can download the installation application directly from the Microsoft website, then launch the installation wizard and do all that stuff, and voila!

If you have a Microsoft Windows 98 Upgrade CD, you simply put it inside the CD Rom drive and it should launch and proceed to do the upgrade. If you have a Windows 98 Full Installation CD, after it starts running answer to 'upgrade' in stead of a full Windows 98 installation. This will keep all your Windows 95 programms and settings. I hope this help

because windows seven was getting old ○_○

Generally speaking, no. Most Windows XP installations are made onto NTFS partitions, which MS-DOS cannot read.

The launch button for Windows is the Start button on the bottom left corner.

right-click on the drive where Windows is installed, select Properties, and hit the disk cleanup button to lauch the disk clean up button to launch the Disk Clean up utility and then check previous windows installation.

Windows XP was launched on October 25, 2001

Its already out buddy. is the IP address of a network. It can be used to configure the settings of a network.

October 9, 1986 (launch of on-air operations) April 5, 1987 (primetime launch)

The nonprofit station PBS was the first broadcast network to launch its own satellite, in 1975. They also pioneered the development of closed captioning.

The Services console is used to control the Windows and third-party services installed on Windows 2000/XP system. To launch the Services console, type Services.msc in the the Run dialog box and press ENTER.

Windows 8 does have the ability to launch applications in compatibility modes which support older Windows versions.

EE.... which stands for everything everywhere

November 11 2006 was the launch date

There is no universal help key, but in Windows applications, the F1 and ? keys are the most common keys to launch help.

To restore the Show Desktop in the Windows Quick Launch Toolbar one should ensure that the settings are configured to enable Show Quick Launch. Alternatively one can go to the Microsoft website, navigate to this problem and press the Fix It button.

Windows 7 features the ability to pin applications to the tast bar.

You have to go into hyper mode then launch your enemy. After you launch your enemy with an attack that can launch people quickly, press the red O button and then you are doing a dragon rush.

I have a HP computer with Windows XP. I use CTRL+ALT+DEL to access the Task Manager.

Start Menu Short-cut Icon The Run dialog Box My Computer or Windows Explorer

start me up by the rolling stones came with the WIndows 95 launch commerical