What is a 18 subwoofer?

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An 18 subwoofer is a subwoofer measuring 18 inches. A subwoofer is a loudspeaker dedicated to enhancing the sound of bass. You can learn more about subwoofers online at the Wikipedia website.
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How do you install a subwoofer?

Answer . \nIn order to install a subwoofer you need: enclosure for sub, Amplifier, and an Amplifier kit. These three things can be found at an electronics store or online.

Which is better kicker or Alphasonik subwoofer?

Answer Kicker makes the best high quality car audio. It makes one of the most powerful subwoofers made called the Kicker Solo X, it is their trademark subwoofer with a square design I believe this to be a matter of opinion. It all depends on amount and clenliness of power being delivered, and a t ( Full Answer )

How do subwoofers work?

Subwoofers are loud speakers used for the purpose of reproducing low frequencies (10Hz - 150Hz). They use large magnets to move a firm cone in order to produce the frequencies. A current is passed through the magnet causing the cone to move producing bass. Subwoofers in cars and in home theatre syst ( Full Answer )

What is a subwoofer?

A subwoofer is a loudspeaker component design to produce the very low bass frequencies that speakers can't produce. Most subwoofers can produce a frequency range of 25 - 300 Hz. A speaker produces a higher frequency range usually 500 - 15,000 Hz.

What is the best subwoofer?

The JL audio 12W7 and the 12W6v2 are the best products. They are not only loud but produce amazing clarity and can hit all notes HIGH to LOWSS. The technology put into them blow all other products out of the water. Unlike most subs a less powerful amp is needed to use these subs which is good becaus ( Full Answer )

What is the loudest subwoofer?

The loudest subwoofer ive heard with my experience is a kicker l7 18 inch or an audio bahn black label competetion 18. but for a regular car stereo nothings better then an old fashion slo barics or a mtx sledgehammer.

How do I install a subwoofer to my stereo if there is not a subwoofer input?

Answer . if you go to like best buy and tell them whats going on they will give this plug that wires into you rear speakers and it will plug into you rca jacks you have tune it so it sounds good but its only like 20 bucks so new stereo of 20 dollars im picking the 20 bucks if i strapped for cash

What are subwoofers?

they are bigger speakers that supply the bass, especially deep bass that you can feel.

What are the best subwoofers?

The JL Audio 12W7 then the 12W6v2. They beat every sub in all categories except loud sloppiness. If your willing to pay then the correct answer is above.

How do you open a subwoofer?

It depends on what type of box it is in. For sealed boxes, take the speaker cover off and you just unscrew the speaker from the box. Bandpass boxes usually have to unscrew the plexiglass front then take the speaker cover off and you just unscrew the speaker from the box.

What subwoofer is best for your car?

Super slim subwoofer 1. slim----can save a lot space , 2.cable controled--- convenient 3 good sound quality 4. All aluminum metal housings --good for Ventilation They have specilized in manufacturing auto parts for several years.the price is much reasonable than others,and also satisfing ( Full Answer )

Sell second hand subwoofer?

There are a few places that a person can sell a second handsubwoofer. Some examples of where to sell a subwoofer are, anewspaper ad, a flea market, a yard sale, or on eBay.

What are the best brands of subwoofers?

JL I would not just say JL i have been a car audio specialist for 6 years now and it all depends on what you are looking for i would rank my top 3 at MTX, Kicker and then JL. to the specialist where does quantum audio cozmic series fall on your list? If you want a specific, the JL W7 in any size w ( Full Answer )

Does subwoofer have fuse?

No the subwoofer itself does not contain a fuse. The Amplifier Connected to the sub should consist of a fuse or the power wire leading to the amp should contain one.

What is the largest subwoofer?

Well, 18 inch subs are the biggest among this moment. There are bigger subs out there over 18 inch.

How do you repair your subwoofer?

Buy a new alpine sub they are the best. You can doof in them when they are brand new and it wont strecth the speaker. awsome for cutting toughies round parks. you will also have every dude looking at your ride. Best thing to do is to just rev round the park and hammer the subs up flat knacker.

How do you mount subwoofer?

To often mount a subwoofer you will need your desired subwoofer box of choice. Once you have decided what type of box you want, then you will need to take your subwoofer and insert it into the subwoofer hole. Then you screw it down. Once this is done you take your wires and run it into the subwoofer ( Full Answer )

What is better a 10 inch subwoofer or a 12 inch subwoofer?

12inch-Produces better quality low pitch bass 10inch-Produces better and more accurate high pitch bass It depends on what you prefer but 99% of people prefer 12inch over a 10inch anyway plus they are more powerful than a 10 inch.

Is a subwoofer an amplifier?

no, a subwoofer is not a amplifier a subwoofer is actually a speaker that is made for bass. an amplifier is what helps the subwoofer work and sound properly when you install a audio system in your automobile or home.

How much is a subwoofer?

A subwoofer can vary in prices......it really depends on what kind of subwoofer you get including the number of watts it has.....

What are good subwoofers?

it really depends on preference but the more you spend the better theyll be a good medium on a good price for a good subwoofer is alpine type e subwoofers they sound great and have a high wattage capacity for around $120 a sub rockford fosgate subwoofers are decent for the p1 model its about $60 for ( Full Answer )

Working of a subwoofer?

what is an woofer??--which responds to only low frequencies(150hz to down as far as 20hz). now we'll see how it works.\n . when low frequency is given to a speaker,due to vibration of membrane(a thin paper like material that vibrates in the speaker) there will be resonance that occurs inside the bo ( Full Answer )

Why are Subwoofers illegal?

They are not illegal in all jurisdictions, although they should be. They intrude on the peace of people outside the car.

What do you need for subwoofers?

well you need a box first off. then you need an amp. and then an aftermarket CD player with sub outputs in the back. then you need speaker wire, and and amp installation kit (or long power wire, like 5 feet max of ground wire, and remote wire (which is just ordinary primary wire), and you will also ( Full Answer )

What do the subwoofers ohms for?

the ohm is a unit of measurement based off of someones last name. When used in subwoofers, for example 4 ohms or 8 ohms, it actually determines the amount of watts the speaker needs. Like if two identical subwoofers were taken and one was 4 ohms and one 8 ohms and applied say 150 watts to each of th ( Full Answer )

What is active subwoofer?

An active subwoofer has a built-in amp which doesn't require the use of an amplifier.

What is better size 12 subwoofers or 15 subwoofer?

It all depends on what you drive. The bigger the subwoofer the bigger bigger and more distanced the sound waves will be. Ideally if you are in a car, 12s are the best because most likely the huge sound wave from a 15" would travel around you so you wouldn't hear it vey well. But if you have an SUV t ( Full Answer )

Is a 4 ohm subwoofer better then a 8 ohm subwoofer?

You need to match the speaker with the amplifier. Better or worse is not the question. The question is dynamic range and the possibility of overloading the amplifier. If the amplifier is rated 4 ohms, use a 4 ohm speaker. Same for 8 ohms. Do not "mix and match".

Why does a subwoofer rattle?

Probs because you have your wicked doff doff going while your cutting toughies maybe not so loud and it wont rattle. Peace Out Brother

Where is the subwoofer in a 2003 Chevy Tahoe?

In 2003-2006 Chevy Tahoe, suburban and full-size trucks with Bose, the factory subwoofer is in the center console the console houses the enclosure and the sub fires forward under the dash.

How do you connect subwoofer?

Wire the subwoofer to and AMP and the amp has to be directly hooked up to your battery. There is a second wire that is hooked up to a wire that only has power when the keys are turned. This turns the Amp on by turning on a relay in the amp powering the sub. And connect the ground to something steel ( Full Answer )

What are the best 12 inch subwoofers?

The best are JL 12W7 then the 12W6v2. I have heard both and they are astonishingly great. In all aspects they are mind blowing. So powerful, yet crisp, while hitting all notes from high to the LOW's. There is no competition when it comes to these 2 Gods.

Why do subwoofers vibrate you?

Sound is vibration of the air that we detect mostly with our ears. When the sound (vibration) gets to low enough frequencies and is strong enough it vibrates other things, like the walls, floor, furniture, and us!

Which is the best subwoofer?

Definitely Alpine Subbys.Best brand going.don't waste your time putting some cheapo brand go for the best.Apline subwoofers.Ideal for cutting toughys (laps) round town with the window down.You will get some attention then thanks to your alpine subs.

What is a passive subwoofer?

A passive subwoofer doesn't have a built-in amp and will require the use of an amp.

What is the best subwoofer box to use with jackhammer subwoofers?

You should really get a custom made box for it. Actually ever subwoofer should be housed in a custom made box. This way you can tune the frequency. The lower the frequency the lower the bass. Ask any Car audio shop near you, they will build one for you for cheap!

I have 15 subwoofers at 180 decibels each how loud would that be in db in case your wondering yes there is a woofer that reaches 180db its called dd 9918Z 18?

15 subwoofers would produce 15 times as much power. log 10 15 = 1.176; to convert that to decibels, you have to multiply it by 10, so you get an increase of 11.76 decibels, in other words, 180 + 11.76 = 191.76 decibels. Since the 180 decibels probably includes some rounding, it makes sense to round ( Full Answer )

Why does subwoofer not work?

It seems like you're using a passive subwoofer. A passive subwoofer doesn't have a power source (an amplifier.) You will need an amplifier for your subwoofer. Let a professional set it up for you.

Are subwoofers just for cars?

No, subwoofers are for DJs, home theater, clubs, concerts, cars, etc... Subwoofers are for everybody who enjoys the low frequencies of the bass.

Where can you buy a smd subwoofer?

wccaraudio.com Can also pick up DD1 and has links to various items that Steve Meade uses for his builds (xs power batteries and the like) PRICES: dual 2 or dual 1 ohm 15" sub: 849.99 dual 2 or dual 1 ohm 18" sub: 899.99 SMD distortion detector: 149.99 (Extreme Backorder, long wait)

What is the function of a subwoofer?

a Subwoofer is a speaker that can either be in a Home or a Car. the Subwoofer's purpose is to emit low frequencies that other speaker types cannot.

What are the best bass songs for subwoofers?

6 foot 7 foot (lil wayne) a milli (lil wayne) fire flame remix (birdman feat. lil wayne) believe it or not (drake feat. gucci mane) raise hell (hed pe) and the best is probably demons (tech n9ne)

What is the cheapest subwoofers?

the cheapest in the best ,the best in the cheapest Super slim subwoofer 1. slim----can save a lot space , 2.cable controled--- convenient 3 good sound quality 4. All aluminum metal housings --good for Ventilation

Is a subwoofer a amplifier?

There are two types of subwoofers. 1. Active subwoofers 2. Passive subwoofers An active subwoofer will have a built-in amplifier. A passive subwoofer doesn't have a built-in amplifier which will require the use of an amplifier, the use of a power source.

How to conect a subwoofer?

You can connect a subwoofer to a computer or your TV by using itsjack pin.