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one just sold on eBay in excellant condition for 7600.00 i just bought one in good condition for 2800.00 (these are coupes) convertibles are in the 30 to 40k range..

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 13:00:01
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Q: What is a 1967 Lincoln Continental worth?
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What kind of car did they drive in the movie rolling kansas?

A 1967 Lincoln Continental

Where is the thermostat located on a 1967 Lincoln Continental?

The thermostat is mounted in the cooling outlet housing on a 1967 Lincoln Continental 7.6 liter 8-cylinder model. Just follow the upper radiator hose to where it meets the engine.

What model year Lincoln was used in green acres?

A 1965 , 1966 and 1967 Lincoln Continental ~ sourse IMCDB .

How do you find the turn signal flasher in a 1967 Lincoln Continental?


How much money does it take to fill up a 1967 Lincoln Continental?

If I remember correctly, it has a 25 gal. fuel tank

Where is the thermostat in a 1998 Lincoln continental?

location of thermostat in 1998 Lincoln continental

Is a 1994 Lincoln Continental compatible with a 1993 Lincoln Continental?

only if the engine is the same.

How do you change the thermostat in a 1998 Lincoln continental?

how do you change the thermostat on a 1998lincoln continental?

What kind of engine have the Lincoln Continental 1995?

The Lincoln Continental 1995 has a 4.6 engine

What does a 1976 Lincoln Continental look like?

Do a Google search " 1976 Lincoln Continental "

How do you replace a Starter Lincoln Continental 1995?

how to replace a starter on a 1995 Lincoln Continental

What is a 1965 Lincoln Continental worth?

Depends on what model Lincoln, and above all it depends on condition of vehicle which only you know. Click the link and look it up.

What is the gap 1985 Lincoln Continental?

The gap for a 1985 Lincoln Continental is .050 (in thousandths of an inch)

Where is th computer brain found on the 1995 Lincoln Continental?

where is the brain on a 97 lincoln continental

When was Lincoln Continental Mark VI created?

Lincoln Continental Mark VI was created in 1980.

What did a new Lincoln Continental cost in 1972?

A new Lincoln Continental Coupe cost about 7000 dollars in 1972. A new Lincoln Continental sedan cost about 7300 dollars in 1972.

What type of oil does a 1998 Lincoln Continental use?

What type of oil does a 1998 Lincoln Continental use

98 Lincoln Continental power steering diagram?

Where is the power steering pump on my 98 lincoln continental

Where are the spark plugs and wires located on a 1999 Lincoln Continental?

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Where is computer module 2000 Lincoln Continental?

The computer module on a 2000 Lincoln Continental is in the luggage compartment. The Continental was in production from 1981 until 2011.

Where is the fuse box on a 1965 Lincoln Continental?

can anyone help me with finding the fuse box on my 1965 Lincoln Continental ?

Where is the sunroof switch in the 1999 Lincoln Continental?

On a 1999 Lincoln Continental : The button for the moon roof is in the overhead console

How do you replace water pump 1999 Lincoln continental 4.6?

How to replace water pump in Lincoln continental 1999

Is 1999 Lincoln Continental front wheel drive?

( yes ) a 1999 Lincoln Continental is front wheel drive

Does the 2001 Lincoln continental have rear wheel drive?

2001 Lincoln Continental - front or rear wheel drive