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Liberty nickels were struck from 1883 to 1912. Your coin is a common Jefferson nickel, millions are in circulation and the coin is face value.

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The side with the president is smooth no ridges
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Q: What is a 2008 liberty nickel worth?
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What is the value of a 2008 liberty nickel?

It's only worth 5 cents, but it's not a Liberty nickel. Liberty nickels were made from 1883 to 1912. Your nickel, like all US coins, has the word Liberty on it so that's not anything distinctive. It's actually called a Jefferson nickel because it features a portrait of the 3d president.

How much is a 1903 liberty head v nickel?

how much is a 1903 nickel worth

How much is a liberty 1945 five cents?

The Liberty nickel was not made in 1945. In 1945 there was a silver nickel and that is worth 25 cents.

What dates are found on valuable nickels?

25 Most Valuable Nickels1.) 1913 Liberty Head V Nickel - Worth $4,408,6502.) 1880 Shield Nickel - Worth $20,0003.) 1924 S Buffalo Nickel - Worth $14,0004.) 1926 S Buffalo Nickel - Worth $7,6005.) 1927 S Buffalo Nickel - Worth $5,0006.) 1881 Shield Nickel - Worth $4,0007.) 1883 Shield Nickel - Worth $3,9008.) 1867 Shield Nickel - Worth $3,6009.) 1920 D Buffalo Nickel - Worth $3,50010.) 1928 D Buffalo Nickel - Worth $3,40011.) 1918 D Buffalo Nickel - Worth $3,30012.) 1925 S Buffalo Nickel - Worth $3,30013.) 1924 D Buffalo Nickel - Worth $3,00014.) 1870 Shield Nickel - Worth $3,00015.) 1920 S Buffalo Nickel - Worth $2,50016.) 1872 Shield Nickel - Worth $2,50017.) 1919 D Buffalo Nickel - Worth $2,35018.) 1885 Liberty Head V Nickel - Worth $2,32819.) 1912 S Liberty Head V Nickel - Worth $1,94520.) 1886 Liberty Head V Nickel - Worth $1,86121.) 1877 Shield Nickel - Worth $1,85422.) 1938 Jefferson Nickel - Worth $1,80023.) 1873 Shield Nickel - Worth $1,80024.) 1874 Shield Nickel - Worth $1,80025.) 1916 D Buffalo Nickel - Worth $1,780

How much is a 2007 liberty nickel worth?

5 cents

How much is a 2010 E pluribus unum liberty Nickel worth?

A 2010 U.S. nickel is worth exactly five cents.

What is the value of a 1977 liberty nickel?

Liberty nickels were made from 1883 to 1912. Your coin is a common Jefferson nickel and is only worth face value.

What is a 1930 liberty nickel worth?

The average price of a Buffalo nickel dated 1930 is maybe a dollar.

How much is the 1831 liberty nickel worth?

Check that date again. The first US Nickel was minted in 1866 and the Liberty design was not used until 1883.

How much is 1899 liberty nickel worth?

A 1899 Liberty Head nickel is worth between $2.25 and $130.00 depending on its grade. Taking it to a coin shop may give you a better idea of its grade.

How much is a 1938 liberty nickel worth?

If the mint mark is a D the nickel is probably worth no more than a dollar. If the mint mark is an S it could be worth around $3.00 By the way, there is no such thing as a 1938 liberty nickel. The only nickels minted in 1938 were buffaloes and Jeffersons.

What the value of 1906 liberty nickel?

In average condition, it's worth about a dollar.

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