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Revelation was a store brand used by Western Auto. Pistols were made by several companies. Repost with the model number, we'll see if we can match it up to a maker and model.

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What is a burgo 38 caliber pistol worth?


What is a Revelation R220 in 243 caliber worth?


What is a 22 caliber Revelation model 105 worth?


How muc is a titan 25 pistol worth?

A Titan 25 caliber pistol is worth between $75 and $200 depending on its overall condition. These small caliber handguns are designed for close range protection.

How much is a 25 caliber Titan stainless pistol worth?


How much is a meriden 32 caliber pistol worth?

In perfect condition, $100.00

How much is a 45 caliber millennium pistol worth?

50-200 usd

What is a ruger p101 22 caliber pistol worth?

No such model. There was a SP101; 100-300

What is a 22 caliber RG Model 14 pistol worth?

15-50 USD.

How much is a 25 caliber raven model pistol worth?

25-50 USD

How much is a 2003 Thompson 50 caliber pistol worth?

50-400 or so

How much is a Glock 45 caliber 21 pistol worth?

100-450 or so

How much is a .32 caliber rg pistol worth?

20-60 or so

How much is crescent .32 caliber pistol worth?

10-100 usd

How much is a sterling 300 25 caliber pistol worth?

15-75 dollars

The marshal22 caliber pistol what is it worth?

$20-$100, depending on exact model and condition.

Where can you find information on a revelation model 225 30 30 caliber?

how much is it worth and is it accurate.

How much is a Titan E15 22 Caliber Pistol worth?

25-60 USD or so

How much is a 40 caliber high point pistol worth?

50-100 depending on condition

What is a Harrington and Richardson 930 . 22 caliber pistol worth?

50-100 USD

What is a Ruger P 90 45 caliber Auto Pistol worth?

100-400 or so

What is a German Derringer.22 caliber 2 shot pistol worth?

50 or so

How much is an Erma .22 caliber pistol made in Germany worth?


What would a German zephyr 22 caliber 6 shot blank pistol be worth?

About $25.

How much is a Jimenez pistol worth?

What caliber? Most of them are junk. Considered a Saturday night special

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