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AR is an Action Replay or cheating device. The AR will allow you to inject code into the game and give you cheats or perks. Such as infinite lives or ammunition or even open all levels.

*NOTE* Beware, using too many codes at once or using the AR multiple chances rises the risk of game failure.

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Q: What is a AR for the Nintendo DS?
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On the Nintendo DS what does AR mean?

AR means Action Replay for the Nintendo DS

What does the AR cheatcode do?

they let you get things and the AR is only for Game Cube,Nintendo DS, Nintendo DSi, and Nintendo DS lite

What is the AR on the Nintendo DS?

The AR stands for action replay which is basically a cheat enhancer for the Nintendo DS. It is sold separately (unless you buy a Nintendo DS in a bundle with one, of course).

What does AR mean in Nintendo DS?

AR stand for Action Replay, which is a device used to cheat and hack in to your Nintendo ds games.

Is there AR codes for Nintendo DS if there is what are they?

There are a million of them, look them up at

What is ar in Pokemon soul sliver?

AR stands for Action Replay. It is a cheat device for the Nintendo DS.

Your bottom screen of ds is messed up after using AR?

Yes. AR can break your Nintendo ds system and/or game is recommends that you do not use it

What do you do if you accidentally erased the codes for an AR for Nintendo DS?

blow your head off

AR cheats for Pony Friends for Nintendo DS?

sorry but there are no cheats for pony friends!

Where do you put ar codes in?

You put it into the Nintendo DS when the Action Replay menu is shown.

How do you put AR on a Nintendo DS?

all you have to do is take the game and put it in the action replay slot and put the action replay in your ds

How do you activate a cheat code on the Nintendo ds?

only way to do this is use AR (action replay) DS. Put in the game and you can acess cheats

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