What is a Browning Acier Special 12 gauge c12 px Belgium and its value?

See the last answer What model is this gun? PX denotes a gun sold through a Post Exchange at a US military base. Guns sold on Navy or Nato bases were marked BX or something like AFS(Armed Forces Southern Europe-Nato). The gun dates from about 1953 to about 1978-80. Are you sure that the letter is a C and not a G? Need more info. ANSWER: You have an Auto 5 12 ga Shotgun that was made by FN for FN sales outside the United States. This is not a Browning Arms Co. gun. Based on the question, you are strickly looking at the barrel: The small "c" stands for cartridge followed by the guage which is "12". The px is a proof mark, along with others that can be found on the barrel. You need to provide the serial number and info on the condition in order to get a better answer. The serial number will also ID the year of manufacture which is important.