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50-150 USD

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How much is a Savage Arms model 71 Stevens favorite worth?

How much is a savage Stevens favorite rifle model 71 worth ? How much is a savage Stevens favorite rifle model 71 worth ? How much is a savage Stevens favorite rifle model 71 worth ?

What is a Stevens jr 22 rifle worth?

50-150 usd

What is a Stevens rifle Model 778 worth?

Could your model be 775 or 774, NO 778 model by Savage or Stevens

What is your Stevens model76 22 cal long rifle worth?

25-125 USD

How much is a Stevens 187s 22 rifle worth?

25-130 USD or so

What is the value of a Stevens model 987 22 caliber rifle worth?

45-80 dollars,depending on the overall condition of your rifle.

How much is a J Stevens arms and Co gun pat April 22 1913 US 22 long rifle crack shot 26?

any crack shot riffel is worth bout 400 and up i was offerd 700 for mine.

How much is a crack shot rifle worth from the 1950s?

10-100 USD or so

Is a used Stevens bolt action rifle worth 300.00?

Depends on model, condition and caliber.

How much is a August 12 1913 Stevens rifle 410 Bore 12mm worth?


What is the age and value of a J Stevens Arms Company Favorite model?

The Stevens Favorites were made from 1893 to 1939. The name "J. Stevens Arms Co" was used from 1920 to about 1948. So yours was made between 1920 and 1939.AnswerI have a Favorite model J Stevens Arms Co rifle that has 1915 stamped on it. It has a hexagon barrel, in very good shape and I believe worth between 4-$600.

How much is a Stevens 22 caliber automatic rifle worth?

$50-$150, depending on model and condition.

What is a rifle stamped j Stevens co chicopee falls mass us pat sept 6 1864 worth?

The value of a J Stevens Co Chicopee Falls Mass U.S. Patten September 6, 1864 depends on its condition. This gun in excellent condition is valued between 275.00 and 325.00 as of 2014.

Stevens Arms 22 rifle model 1915 --you were wanting to know what it is worth?

The Stevens Favorite 1915 typically sells between $100 and $300 depending on condition.

Why does my Stevens Model 620 have 2 GA stamped on the barrel instead of 12 GA?

evidently a misprint, may be worth something to a collector.

How old is a J Stevens Arms Co 22 short - long long rifle bolt action rifle and how much is it worth?

J Stevens Arms Company has been making rifles since the 1890s. There are dozens of different models of Stevens bolt action .22s. If you repost with all markings on your rifle, we make be able to narrow it down a bit. sorry-

What is a Stevens Model 56 worth?

Depending on condition, $80-$120. Nice basic .22 rifle for a new shooter.

What is a Stevens model 987 22 caliber long rifle worth?

45-80 dollars,depending on overall condition.

What is this rifle and What is it worth the marking are Brescia PS 1914 M1898 also stamped on stock is 1090 thanks in advance?

Flayderman's Guide to Antiques

What is the worth of a Stevens crack shot 22 long rifle?

Greetings! The value of any fire arm can vary significantly based on several factors. First and most important is the condition. A Stevens C S R in excelent condition can be worth up to $450.00. On the other hand the same gun on poor condition could fetch as little as $50.00 to $100.00 depending if it is funcional or not. Hope this helps & Good luck

What years was J Stevens Arms Company 20 GA double barrel serial E65133 made and apprx value very good shape The number 24 is stamped underneath the gun and in front of the trigger guard?

Sounds like you have a Turkey gun. @0 guage and the other barrel is a rifle. They are worth up to $500 or so. Depends on the caliber of the rifle barrel.

I have a J Stevens Co 32 long Favorite rifle - What is worth?

50000000000000000000000000 dollars that's a some rare crap right their

What is the value of a nickel stamped on a penny?

A Buffalo Nickel stamped on a penny is worth $800.00. A Jefferson Nickel stamped on a ZN penny is worth $70.00. A Jefferson Nickel stamped on a CU penny is worth $60.00.

What is a J C Higgen rifle model 29 with Sears Roebuck stamped on the barrel worth in very good condition?

# 50 USD or so

What is a Stevens lever action 44-shot worth?

Would have to identify exactly which model Stevens rifle you have. Need ALL of the markings. And, condition is everything, so digital pictures would help.