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after their saturday, shabbos they call it ,they light a candle which is called havdallah candle to let you know that shabbos is over you are allowed to go back to work because on shabbos they are not allowed to work it's a resting day

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Q: What is a Jewish haudalla candle?
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What is the Jewish plaited candle called?

The Jewish plaited candle is called the Havdalah candle and is used (together with wine and spices) in the Havdalah ceremony marking the end of Shabbat.

What is the Jewish 9 candle holder called that has candle at the beginning?

A Chanukah menorah.

What is a yursite candle?

It's actually spelled yahrzeit candle. It is a candle lit in memory of the dead in the Jewish religion.

What is a Shabbat candle?

It is a candle that is lit on Friday evening before sunset to usher in the Jewish Sabbath.

What candle do Jewish people light for the dead?

A Yahrzeit Candle is a special memorial candle. Special candles that burn for 24 hours are used.

How long has the Jewish candle been the Jewish symbol for?

The Jewish candle, known as the menorah (or, when used at Hanukkah, a hanukiyah) has been used as a symbol Judaism and Jewish people ever since a menorah was used in the Temple in Jerusalem for almost 3,000 years.

Who was the Jewish man who drove out the tyrants?

judah....candle shamus

What is the meaning of the bar mitzvah candle lighting ceremony?

a bar mitzvah is the celebration of a Jewish boy becoming a man. there for he lights candle's to show that. p.s im not Jewish my friend is.

What is the Jewish candle holder called?

The candle holder used during Hanukkah is called the Chanukiah (Cha-noo-kee-ya) or Hanukkah-menorah.

What is a Jewish candleholder used in worship called?

candle holder or candelabra

what is a candelabra candle?

A candelabra candle is a candle which has a base and it has branches that hold one or more candles. They are some candelabra's that are used in Jewish religion too.

Do you have a baptism candle when immersion in the Jewish faith?

Jews do not have baptism. It is a Christian observance.

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