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It is in regards to property that the trustee has decided has a minimal value or would be less than the cost of liquidation. Any scheduled property that the trustee does not administer is deemed abandoned when the bankruptcy is closed.

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Q: What is a Motion for Abandonment?
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What is a motion to compel abandonment?

A motion to compel abandonment is a bankruptcy court action. It seeks to force the debtor or trustee to abandon property included in the bankruptcy case.

What does motion for abandonment mean?

"Abandonment" as used in legal terminology can refer to MANY different matters and interpretations and, therefore, have different meanings depending upon the context in which it is used. See below link:

What is a sentence using the word 'abandonment'?

The abandonment of the project left him with mixed feelings. The house is falling down because of its abandonment. The child's abandonment left him scarred for life.

How do I file child abandonment against a felon in AZ?

If the felon cannot see their child due to incarceration, that would not be grounds for an abandonment charge as it is a situation beyond their control. If other circumstances apply, you may file a motion in the court with jurisdiction for a finding of abandonment on the part of the father if he has willfully had no contact with the child for 6 months or more.

How do you spell abandonment?

Abandonment. You got it right in your question.

In my chapter 7 bankruptcy I have received a Motion for Relief from Stay and Abandonment on my Vehicle. Are they taking my vehicle?

That's a pretty good indicator of their intent.

What is a sentence for abandonment?

The Lagos people feel the abandonment from the government.

What is abandonment?

Abandonment is leaving your spouse and children and not providing support.

What is the spousal abandonment law in Georgia?

What is the spousal abandonment law in Georgia?

Can one file annulment due to abandonment?

Abandonment is not grounds for an annulment.

What constitutes child abandonment Texas?

What constitutes child abandonment in Texas?

What are the laws concerning abandonment?

Marital abandonment is just cause for divorce and there are two forms: constructive abandonment and criminal abandonment. Constructive abandonment is a case where a spouse abuses or makes life unbearable (withholding sex or infidelity) for his/her spouse. Criminal abandonment occurs when a spouse fails to care for a sick spouse, or support the spouse in caring for minor children.

What sentence can be used with the word abondonment?

I think you mean abandonment. He has abandonment problems due to a childhood trauma. Fear of abandonment is a common problem in children.

Is sexual abandonment grounds for divorce?

Actual abandonment consists of the unjustified leaving of the marital home by one of the parties. If one of the parties leaves the marital home with the consent of the other party, there is no abandonment. Another form of abandonment is constructive abandonment, which is the unjustified refusal to engage in sexual relations with the other party. Again, if both parties consent to not engage in sexual relations, there is no constructive abandonment by either party. At the time of the commencement of the action, the abandonment must be one full year. This is in New York You have to see what your state considers abandonment by statute

What is an affidavit of abandonment as it pertains to property?

You can read a discussion about an Affidavit of Abandonment at the link below.

Is child abandonment a felony in Missouri?

child abandonment is a felony anywhere in the civilized world.

Is child abandonment from a caregiver a criminal offense?

In most jurisdictions child abandonment is a criminal office.

If exhusband won't tell you where he is staying is that abandonment?

If he is an ex-husband, he can't be charged with abandonment, you are already divorced. If you are refering to a child of his that you are raising, it probably isn't enough to establish abandonment.

What is child abandonment in Iowa?

Child abandonment, the desertion of a child under the age of eighteen by one or both parents, is considered a crime in most states, including Iowa. Child abandonment is abuse and Iowa has imposed tough laws regarding child abandonment.

Marriage abandonment in Florida?

In Florida, marriage abandonment can take place if the plaintiff can prove the abandonment lasted at least 12 consecutive months. It also must be considered malicious and willful.

How can you use the word abandonment in a sentence?

The woman was found guilty of abandonment, because she left her children unattended.

What is abandonment of dogs?

abandonment of dogs is when someone owns a dog but then moves away and leaves the dog behind.

You are disabled and your spouse left you can he be arrested on abandonment?

If you are disabled and your spouse left he can not be arrested for abandonment. Abandonment is only considered a crime when children under the state approved age limit have been abandoned.

What is the abandonment law in Alabama?

i am trying to find out what rights i have in filing abandonment from the father of my child. what does the Alabama law say?

When is it considered Abandonment of a child in Illinois?

In Illinois abandonment of a child is considered when a parent fails to pay child support or visit a child. This is determined on a case by case basis, and abandonment occurs within months to a year.