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What is a Nintendo e reader?

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The Nintendo E-Reader was a peripheral for the Game Boy Advance that allowed cards to be swiped through to read data. The cards could hold games (i.e. Donkey Kong) or other information (i.e. unlockables for games such as Animal Crossing). The E-Reader cards were standard playing/trading-card size, and the data was held on a pattern of small dots on the bottom of the card. Due to its bulkiness and the limited amount of data one card could hold, Nintendo silently let the E-Reader die.

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What is an e-reader?

an ereader is basically Nintendo events

What is a e-reader?

an ereader is basically nintendo events

Where do you buy the Nintendo E-Reader?

I bought it in EBAY. You can maybe find it in Amazon or Shopzilla for it. The Nintendo E-Reader is a very good accessory for the GBA(Game Boy Advance)

Can you use a e reader with Pokemon diamond?

E-Reader only works with the 3rd Generation games, and also does not connect to the Nintendo DS at all.

Is the Nintendo e-Reader compatible with Pikmin 2?

Technically, yes, but only in Japan. It is not possible to use Pikmin 2 cards with a non-Japanese e-Reader.

Is there an action replay for emerald ruby sapphire?

yes, but it is not action replay. it is Nintendo e-reader.

How do you get eon ticket without using e-reader and gameshark Pokemon emerald?

go to a Nintendo event

What is the e-reader?

An e-reader is a portable electronic book

How do you get the eon ticket on ruby?

It is only obtainable through the actual scanning of a real life E-Reader Eon Ticket card (Given out in a 2002 Nintendo Power Magazine) with an E-Reader Device for the Game Boy advance.

Is Nintendo power written by Nintendo?

No, It is not. The people who write Nintendo Power DO NOT work or are affiliated with Nintendo. I am an Avid Reader and there is NO connection. NO ITS NOT

How does Nintendo e-Reader work?

You turn on the Gameboy with the E-Reader in the slot. Then it will show the menu. Select Scan A Card then scan your card in the slot.It should register your card.Note: To use Animal Crossing, Pokemon or Super Mario Advance 4 e-cards, you need to link the E-Reader to another Gameboy with the game in question in and the thing in the card will be added.

Are you able to download adobe reader on your Nintendo DS?

No, you are not.

Where do you get an e-reader from?

You can place an order for the latest e-reader at

Where is the E-Reader in Pokemon Sapphire?

E reader is a device you can buy its not in the game.

Where do you get an e-reader?

Barnes and noble and

What is an example of an E-reader?

Kindle and Nook.

How do you youse the eon ticket?

You need two Game Boy Advances (Nintendo DS won't work), one e-Reader and a Game Boy Advance Link Cable. Then you put the e-Reader in one of the GBAs and a Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire or Emerald game in the other GBA. Then you connect the e-Reader to the other GBA with the Link Cable, swipe the Eon Ticket in the e-Reader and do something in the Pokémon game (not sure what; you might have to hold Start + Select when turning on the Pokémon Game instead of letting it start normally).

What is better a kobo e-reader by kobo or a Sony e-reader by Sony?

The Sony e-reader is better because they have a very good rep and kobo doesn't!

Do you have a ebook reader at home?

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Where can I buy an ebook reader?

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What store can you go to to find the e-reader?

buy it!

What does invalid page mean on an e-reader?


Who makes the e-reader?

e-reader stands for electronic reader. The top 3 are the iPad (Apple Inc.), the Kindle ( Amazon Inc.), and the nook (Barnes&Noble LLC)

Where do you get a e-reader for visual boy advance?

download the e reader for visual boy advance

When was The Robert E. Howard Reader created?

The Robert E. Howard Reader was created in 2010.