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What is a Psy Vampire?

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psy vamp

To put it is layman's terms, a vampire that eats energy. They are mortal, have a reflection, and are only SENSITIVE to light. They can go out in the sun and eat garlic and touch roses so get that fairytale crap out of your head. They need energy, though. They take energy through life and prana, not through drinking the blood of other beings. When a sang vamp needs food, it may sometimes resort to pys means. A mix of both is a hybrid. They don't necessarily LOOK like a vamp, that's a vampire that looks like one. A vampire doesn't need blood or energy and might not even be into that area, they just have a "vampire fetish." A sanguivore can also be called a sang vampire or sang vamp and needs blood.

She meditates and tries to "suck" my energy out, so I think I'm being attacked by a psy vamp.

Pranic Energy

Pranic energy, also known as life energy, is the energy needed to live. It is naturally produced by humans, and is in great abundance amongst us. Trees, flowers, your pet dog, they all possess it. You yourself possess pranic energy. Where it stems from is unsure, though many say possibly the nervous system. How? Beats me.

So how does this tie into Psychic Vampirism? Well, as mentioned before on the site, psi-vamps are unable to produce enough pranic energy for their daily needs (this includes using their empathic abilities). So a psi-vamp will feed off of a human who has pranic energy in abundance. This craving for energy can be very addictive. It's thought that the majority of psi-vamps have a psychological dependence on pranic energy. If a psi-vamp were to quit "cold turkey", he/she would most likely go through withdrawal. I say it to be a psychological dependence and not a physical one because I know of so many psychic vampires that did indeed stop feeding for good.

Pranic energy is what we all need to survive and live healthy lives. It's necessity is undeniable.

Psychic Vampires: An In-Depth Look Psychic vampires, psi-vamps, psy-vamps...all the same, right? I'm afraid not buddy. Though psi-vamp and psychic vampire can be classified as the same thing, many feel that psy-vamp is a term not befitting of it's unabridged version. I'm sure that well before this little document here is complete, I will receive many a grimace and crinkled nose, for there is no one right way to define us and those close in resemblance. We'd like to think there is, but in reality to do so would require every psychic vampire to gather at one big happy table and decide. Until this occurs, it is up to the writer. Now then, with that out of the way, allow me to give my interpretation of Psychic Vampires.

Psychic Vampires, by my definition, are those which are born with (latent or active) an internal need, a physical need for pranic (life) energy which they themselves cannot supply. If latent, their awakening ability occurs normally during puberty, with their fully blossomed abilities showing near the end of puberty. If they discontinue to feed once in dire need of it, they will grow ill and die (as told to me by colleagues whom have claimed to see it). A human cannot be turned into a psychic vampire, though I believe they can be turned into a psy-vamp (explained in further detail soon). "Psychic vampire" and "psi-vamp" are one in the same.

Psy-Vamp is one who has a psychological dependency for pranic energy. If one were to discontinue to feed, they would have signs of withdrawal, but chances of death would be non-existant. I personally feel that psy-vamps are strictly those who were turned by a psi-vamp. Hence their period of awakening could be at any point in life when the psi-vamp had turned them.

Other than these key things, the day-to-day life of Psi and Psy Vamps are quite the same. They go about their business, feed when they wish, and that's that. Abilities are active in both, and can be acquired through practice.


Often, a truly recognizable few characteristics of a Psy-Vamp are: A deeply intelligent individual who seems to posses unnatural amounts of patience. Someone whos apparent mood changes to closely match the peoples moods around them. A person who is likely able to expect the actions of others before any real action takes place. They often will also show aversion to direct sunlight, though this will not harm them, its more uncomfortable than anything.

They also will tend to avoid very large crowds. This action is mostly due to the absolute over flow of Pranic energy. It can be described closely to eating to much of any type of good food. While the eating is satifying, if taken to excess portions can make a person very physically sick. The effects the Vampire would feel could range from dizzyness, drowzyness, incredible head aches, whole body soreness/stiffness, even physical nausia followed by vomitting, blured vision, and in the worst cases iv seen loss of some motor functions. As the old saying goes, "Too much of a good thing is a very bad thing."

Physical signs of such a being are rare. Most of us are well practiced in remaining secret. We do not naturally have excessivly long fangs. We are mostly pale due to our discomfort in bright light. Some of us are physically more than others. Such as: harder bones, faster reflexes (knowing what a person intends before it happens).

Mostly a natural born Vampire will feel emotions deeper and stronger than the normal person. This is a result of feeling the emotions of others around them. Now each Vampire has a unique method about them. Some feed on more than just a few people at one time, some feed only on individuals, and the rarest of all true Vampire types is the Emo Psy-Vamp. This type is rare because they are really only capable of feeding on the energy of emotions. This style of feeding id often unnoticed because the energy being "taken" is whats already being "expelled" by the human in question. A very good annalogy of this is picturing yourself as a car that need gas to continue running. Most Vampires consume your gas before you can use it. But the Emo Vamp only consumes the exhaust from what you choose to use. Granted this form of feeding if focused enough can always lead back to the energy source like every other Vampire. But this focus is completely unneeded. This type of Vampire often cannot "sense" others in the same clerity as other Vampires can. But with enough practice and training the Emo Vamp can sense much more than the normal Vampire can. So there are always limits, even for the rare Vampire.

Although it is true to say that any and all natural born Vampire has near limitless mental copacities for anything that may entice their attention. This would explain the deep rooted intelligence of the individual.

ANSWER:">ANSWER:First thing that needs to be done is to debunk the terminology used for your question. Psychic and Vampire. Psychic suggest a form of psychic ability and vampire suggest the taking of something from someone else. This is a term that has not done the issue any favours over the years and leads to a lot of misconceptions over just what one of these people are.

First and foremost the issue is energy and the person who takes that away from you. Now just about anyone can and does take energy from you, from when you give someone a hug to when someone is becoming emotionally dependant upon you. This happens every day and is a normal process of energy. We all take and we all give.

The difference with our "vampire" is that take in the extreme, and more often than not it is not intentional and they are not a "creature" other than another human. These are people who often have a deep rooted issue that is all consuming. It consumes all the energy they have and the body responds to this by taking all it can from around it. You can tell when one of these people are around for as they walk into the room the "feel" of the room will just sink into a pit - the ultimate buzz kill as it where. These people are not leeches or evil, they are damaged and in need of help.

That said - there are those who intentionally seek to become like this but it is never the same. Firstly the event always has to be intentional for them, it doesn't just happen and secondly if they don't in fact need all this energy, it will make them pretty ill and they will soon stop.

Hope this helps.

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