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i belief its a sniper rifle that is by Remington

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Q: What is a Remington 8304 Sniper Rifle?
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Where does the m40a3 sniper rifle come from?


What kind of rifle did Tom Berenger use in the sniper 3 movie?

It was a Remington M-40 Sniper Rifle.

What does a m40 sniper rifle look like?

A Remington 700

Average USMC sniper rifle?

The most commonly used sniper rifle in the Marines is the M-40A3. It is a standard bolt action rifle with a Remington 700 action that fires the 7.62X51 NATO round.

What was marine corps sniper rifle in Vietnam?

Mainly Remington 700 and Winchester Model 70 or M21's.

Is a 2.23 a sniper rifle?

There are some accurised variants of the M16, SA80, and other 5.56 rifles out there which are designed and used as Designated Marksman rifles, but, in general, the 5.56x45 and .223 Remington cartridges really aren't the ideal choices for a sniper rifle.

On battlefield heroes how do you get a sniper?

To get sniper rifle you must have a commando which has a sniper rifle and a knife !!

Is a paintball or a airsoft sniper rifle?

A paintball sniper rifle can shoot father.

Can a 243 Remington 700 BDL be converted to a M40 or M40A1 Sniper Rifle?

a good start would be ordering a stock from McMillan, like the a5

Is a sniper rifle a rifle?


Is a paintball or a airsoft sniper rifle better?

A paintball sniper rifle can shoot father.

When were sniper rifles invented?

It is believed that sniper rifles were invented around 1857 with the advent of the Enfield rifle. This rifle was then surpassed by the Whitworth rifle which became the first long range sniper rifle.