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What is a Seal Card Game?

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April 14, 2008 6:17AM

A Seal Card Game is similar to any regular deal of pull tabs containing a predetermined ticket count and a definite payout and profit. It is played just like a regular pull tab game with some differences: * Pays instant winners. * Some tickets contain sign-up numbers that correspond to the seal card giving players additional chances to win. * Seal card acts as the flare. * Play continues until all the tickets are sold. * Seal(s) is opened on seal card to reveal winner(s) - player(s) whose sign-up number matches uncovered seal card number. Advantages of a Seal Card Game: * Smaller ticket count - 300 to 1800 tickets. * Sells extremely fast. * The "seal" winner(s) is not paid out until the entire deal is sold. * High payback ratio- so players win often and buy more tickets.