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I have 1 also, and would like info about it . mine has a rifled barrel and I assume it is a slug gun. its tight and I shoot it

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Q: What is a Springfield Model 18 Series F bolt action .410 clip fed and chambered for 2 12 3in shells worth?
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Can you use 2 34 shells in a shotgun chambered for 3 inch shells?

Yes, you can.

Is the Winchester Model 59 chambered for magnum shells?

No, it is/was not.

What are the specs of a Mossberg Maverick Model 88?

The maverick 88 is the mossbergs cheaper pump action option, there are three maverick 88 models #1 is a 5+1 shot pump action with an 18 1/2 barrel and has a cylinder bore, (no chokes) chambered for 2 1/2 and 3 inch shells. #2 is a 5+1 shot pump action with a 28" barrel and has interchokes, chambered for 2 3/4" and 3" shells #3 is a 7+1 shot pump action with a 20" barrel, i am not 100% sure but i think these barrels are Cylinder and cannot change chokes, also chambered for 2 3/4" and 3" shells.

How old is my Springfield 410 shotgun?

I am seeking the age of my 410 double barrel shotgun. It came from my grandfather and has the following markings: Springfield Arms Co. Pat Apr 20, 1915 X57709 It has double triggers and is chambered for 2 1/2 shells. Thanks

Can a 12 gauge Winchester Model 59 semiautomatic shoot magnum shells?

Is it chambered for magnum shells? If not, the answer is NO.

What is the age of a 410 Springfield bolt action shotgun Model 39A?

Mfg Date Springfield Model 39AI purchased my Springfield Model 39A 410 Bolt Action from "Western Auto" in 1943-45 holds 2.5 & 3 inch shells 6 shot with a plug to restrict it to 2 shells plus one in the chamber. I have been told by gun dealers the 39A is the MFG date is April in 1939

Can shotguns chambered for 3 inch shells also shoot 2 and three quarter inch?

All day long. Any shotgun can handle shorter shells than it is chambered for as long as they are the same gauge.

Can you shoot 2 14 in shells from a shotgun chambered for 3 in shells?

Generally, you can fire any ammunition that's 3" or shorter (fired length) in a 3" chamber shotgun. however, a 2 1/4 inch shell may not be handled by the action of a pump, autoloader or bolt action gun.

Does the browning b-80 shoot low brass shells or high brass shells?

It will shoot any type it is chambered for.

Can you replace a two and three quarter inch chambered barrel on a Remington 1100 to a three inch magnum barrel with no problems?

It will fit on the frame but the action will not function with 3 inch shells.

Will Springfield model 18e fire 2.5 inch shells as well as 3 inch shells?


What shells can you shoot in a Springfield model 511 series A shotgun safely?

Ensure you look at the stamped shell gauge on the side of the receiver (12 or 20 Gauge). Should be able to take 2 3/4" and 3" shells.

Can you shoot regular 38 shells in your 38 special?

Never fire ammunition in your weapon that it is not chambered for.

Will reminton 1100 20guage 3 inch shoot 2.75 inch shells?

yes it will. the rating shotguns are chambered for is the maximum size shell you can shoot. i have a 1100 LT chambered for 3 inch and i shoot 2 3/4 inch shells out of it mostly.

What is age of Browning Sweet Sixteen number S 17165 and what shells does it use?

It was made in 1954 and is chambered for 2 3/4" 16 ga shells.

Is there such a thing as 410 gauge Springfield shotgun?

Yes. Manufactured by J. Stevens Arms Co. Yes there is, I own a Springfield Model 18 Series F bolt action 410. It is clip fed and chambered for 2 1\2 & 3in shells. I am looking for information on its worth. I have one that is manufactured by the Savage Arms Corporation. Says Springfield Model 951 and is a single shot bolt action with 3 inch chamber. I have one that is marked "1929 Model". Anyone know what it is worth? The single shot bolt action and the single shot break-open model 1929 are both worth $50-$125, depending on condition, but only because they are .410's. If they were 12 gauges, you'd probably have to give them away. I saw the following model: Springfield Arms Company, Chicopee Falls, Mass, U.S.A Pat Apr. 20-1915 .410 guage Side-by-Side Break Open (dual front/rear triggers).

What is a Springfield model 67 410 shotgun serial boo578 worth and can you buy parts for it?

The Springfield shotgun made by "Savage Arms" company of Westfield Mass. the Model 67F is a slide action (pump) gun it came in several sizes 410, 16, 12 gauge ect. I purchased mine in about 1963 "new" in 410 gauge chambered with 3" shells On one jsut sold for $250.00. I've seen them for sale up to $275.00 For more information check up Savage Arms Corporation

Can 2 3-4in shells be shot from a 3in chamber?

Yes, However, the reverse is not true- 3 inch shells may NOT be safely fired in a gun chambered for 2 3/4 inch shells.

Will a browning citori 12 gauge shoot 3 inch shells?

Only if it is chambered for them. Have it examined by a good gunsmith

Can you replace an original Browning A5 barrel chambered for 2 and three quarter inch with a new one chambered for 3 inch shells?

The barrel may be able to be fitted however the shotgun would still be limited to 2-3/4" shells. A longer stroke of the bolt is required when shooting the 3" magnum shells which requires a different receiver. Not the best idea.

Will a 2-34 12Ga shell work in a shot gun chambered for 3 shells?

yes 2 3/4 shell will work in a shotgun chambered for 3in as long as they are of the same gauge

Browning Sweet Sixteen shell specifications?

Not sure excactly what the question is. All Browning Sweet Sixteens (imported to Browning) after WWII are chambered for 2 3/4 16ga shells. The barrels are mared as such. Prior to 1941, Sweet 16's and Standard 16's were chambered for 2 9/16" shells.

Electrons are organized in a series of?

electron shells

Can you use 2 and three quarter inch shells in a three inch single shot shotgun?

Yes but not the other way around .You can not use 3" shells in a 2 3/4 chambered gun.

Can shoot a12ga 3and34 shell in a 3 in barrel?

You can fire 2 and 3/4 inch shells in a shotgun chambered for 3 inch shells. There is no 3 and 3/4 inch shell made.