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not a whole lot. Just what its worth to you. Not alot of collector interest. We have one with a 36" barrel with a full choke. I have an older book but in 1996 depending on condition between $95-40

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Q: What is a Stevens 94 b 12 ga shotgun worth?
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How much is a Stevens savage model 94 with no cerial number worth?

The savage/stevens model 94 single shot,shotgun is worth between 40-95 dollars.

How much is a Stevens model 94 410 gauge single shotgun worth?


What years were the Stevens 12 gauge shotgun model 94F made?

A Savage Stevens model 94 shotgun was made from 1926-1945,there were 934,000 made during this time frame.

What is the age of a 12 gauge Revelation Model 350M single shot shotgun?

It is a Stevens 94 series shotgun, which was produced for many years. Would have to see the parts to determine which variation of the Stevens 94 it is. WAG would be 1960's-1970's.

What is a Stevens model 94 series P 12 single barrel shotgun worth?

I Have Seen them at Gun Shows In Michigan For About $ 100.00 To $120.00 . AND THATS In fair Shape . How Many do you have ?

What is the age of your 94A 12 gauge j Stevens single shot shotgun?

The savage/stevens model 94 shotgun was made from 1926-1945.There was a total production of 934,000 shotguns made during this time frame.

What year model is your Stevens model 94 m shotgun?


Springfield 12 gauge shotgun aprox 60 years old value?

value of Stevens 20 guage model 94 F

How old is a Stevens 12 gauge model 9478 single barrel shotgun?

Various versions of the 94 were made from 1926 to 1945. Stevens serial numbers were repeated, so exact dating is impossible.

When was the Stevens Model 94 Series P 20 ga shotgun manufactured?


Where can you get parts for a 12 gauge single shot riverside arms shotgun with 52 ma marked on it?

try looking at savage or Stevens shotgun diagrams. I found a firing pin for a 16 gauge riverside it was an old model 94 Stevens part

What is the value of a 410 Stevens 94 single shot shotgun?

Tops out at $100.

Who made the Revelation shotgun model 350 m for Western Auto?

Stevens, as their Model 94.

How much would a military J Stevens 94 B single shot 12 ga be worth?

I don't know of any military use of a single shot shotgun unless it was used as a line throwing gun for the Navy. The shotgun might be worth $50-$75 without any military provenance. Some evidence of military ownership could double that.

What is the age and value of a Stevens - Savage Arms model 94 series P 16 gauge SS shotgun?

The Stevens Model 94 single shot shotgun is blook booked up to $150, depending upon condition. Generall, there is no collectors' interest in these utility shotguns.

Did Springfield produce a model 94-A single shot shotgun?

I have a single shot Springfield shotgun but there is no model number anywhere. It looks just like a the Stevens Model 94 and has several identical parts although I am not sure what series of the 94 it is.

How can you tell how old your Stevens 16 gauge 94f is?

The only info I have on the stevens model 94 shotgun is that it was made between the years 1926-1945.

Where can you find a manual or list of parts for a 410 Stevens Model 94 shotgun?

Numrich Arms should have them.

Whats the value of a Stevens model 94 16 gauge shotgun?

The Stevens Model 94 in 16 gauge has a value from $40 to $90 depending on condition, according to the "Blue Book of Gun Values" 25th edition.

What is the age value and rarity of a Ward Model 94 single shot 12 gauge shotgun -Obviously very old?

Made sometime from 1926 to 1945 by Stevens division of Savage Arms. Worth $35 to $90, depending on condition. Rarity? Maybe not too many with the Wards name on it, but Stevens made almost a million of the same model.

What is the age of a Stevens Savage model 94 twenty gage shotgun?

These were manufactured from 1926 to 1945. If it is marked with both the Savage and Stevens names, it was probably made after 1941.

What year did Stevens Firearms make the Springfield model 94 a shotgun?

These shotguns were made from 1926-1945.Stevens did not keep records as to the year of production by serial numbers.

Can you find parts for Stevens model 94-series K single shot 12 gauge shotgun?

It's a pretty common gun, so any gunsmith should have a source for parts.

What is a Winchester model 94 410 shotgun worth?

10-500 usd

Who made the model 94 Diamond Arms shotgun that has a capitol J under the forearm?

Follow the link to the related question. The model 94 is definitely a J. Stevens product.