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What years were the Stevens 12 gauge shotgun model 94F made?


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A Savage Stevens model 94 shotgun was made from 1926-1945,there were 934,000 made during this time frame.

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The Savage/Stevens no 521 was made between 1930-1932.

The only info I have on the stevens model 94 shotgun is that it was made between the years 1926-1945.

value of Stevens 20 guage model 94 F

The savage/stevens model 58 was made during the years 1933-1945,with a total production of 29,500 firearms made.

It is a Stevens 94 series shotgun, which was produced for many years. Would have to see the parts to determine which variation of the Stevens 94 it is. WAG would be 1960's-1970's.

The Stevens model 77 slide action shotgun was made during the years 1955-1971.

Your stevens model 9478 was made by savage/stevens between the years 1978-1985.

it is a .410 ga. single barrel shotgunI have a STEVENS model 94H , it is a 12 ga. The one that I have is about 40 years old.

at 20 years and approx 500.00 Please tell me where I can get anything close to $500 for Stevens-Savage model 77! The going price is about $130-$200 depending on the condition.

Your Stevens Model 77c was made between the years 1955-1971.

It would be appoximatley 54 years old. Possibly a little older or less, but around that area.

Your Stevens model 235 was made between the years 1912-1916.This is when the Name Stevens arms and tool Co was changed to Stevens arms Co.The model 235 was made from 1912-1935.So the years listed fit into both the name and manufacturing time frame that your shotgun was produced.I hope that you find this informative.

The Stevens .410 Model 94C was made between the years of 1937 and 1984. This shotgun is valued at about 140 US dollars.

Your stevens model 9478 shotgun was made during the years 1978-1985.while serial numbers were on the shotguns I do not believe that serial number records were kept as to the year of production.

The stevens model 235 shotgun was made from 1912-1932,with a total production of 61,500 made during those years.

i bought one used 20 years ago for about $100. the stopped making them in the 50's i think. they were an economy model gun. might be worth $200.

The stevens model 54B was made during the years 1933-1942.these shotguns are valued at between 80-150 dollars.

This shotgun was produced in 1950 or 51 and was made for only few years then came out under "fox" brand in th late 70's

I can say that the stevens model 9478 shotgun was made during the years 1978-1985.

While I cannot state the exact year of your Stevens model 520 production,I can say that this model of shotgun was made from 1912-1932.Stevens/Savage made 191,000 during these years

The stevens model 107B was made during the years 1912-1945,with a total production of 443,500 guns made during that time.I am afraid that is the best that I can do for you.

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