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A stringed instrument played with a bow: a wooden musical instrument with four strings and an unfretted fingerboard, held under the player's chin and played with a bow.


The violin is a wooden instrument, it is held under the chin and played with a bow.

It has 4 strings tuned to G D A and E with the open A string sounding at 440, concert pitch. (A above Middle C)

The Violin is something that is really KOOL!! so READ!

The range

From G below Middle C to G 4 octaves above Middle C (more can be added to this using forced harmonics however)

In terms of sound the violin can range from deep and melancholic to piercing and harsh

A violin is a stringed musical instrument. It is played by either plucking or bowing the strings.

it's a musical instrument in the strings family. It's mostly known for playing Classical Music like Beethoven and Mozart music. It can also be used for Country Music (fiddling). It's very fun to play!

Violin can be challenging but is a great instrument, I've been playing since I was 5 and have enjoyed it hugely! Its really fun, and has a beautiful and emotional sound. It can be heartbreaking or happy, depending on how you play it.

a violin is a string instrument. It's plays with a bow which is held in the right hand and the instrument is placed under your left side of your face. it has 4 strings G, D, A and E. G is the lowest E is the highest.

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What is violin in Malay?

violin ; biola ; violin

What is the holder called that holds the violin?

Violin case- stores the violin for travel violin stand- displays a violin

Who uses the violin?

Violinists use the violin. I use the violin.

What are the types of violin?

There are basically two types of violin and they are the non-electric or acoustic violin and the electrin violin. There are, however, classifications of violins based on the era or the period in which they were built including the classical violin, the baroque violin or the modern violin.

What is a sentence for violin?

This violin is "for display purposes only". Please do not touch the violin. The violin is not easy to play.

What is the word for you play the violin?

A person that plays the violin is a violinist. Of you're playing the violin, you're... playing the violin?

What is the difference between violin 1 and violin 2?

Violin 1 usually has more of the melody line than 2nd violin. The second violin is still very important and sometimes the 2nd violin piece is harder than the 1st violin piece.

Is a violin hollow or solid?

A violin is hollow. The hollowness of the violin allows it to make sound; a solid violin will not play unless it is electric. If you look inside the f-holes on a violin you can see the inner wood of the violin.

What are the likely combinations of instruments in a trio sonata?

Violin + Cello + Piano Violin + Violin + Piano Violin + Viola + Piano

When was the electric violin invented?

when was the electric violin invented? who invented the electric violin?

How can you play violin?

buy a violin and bow go to a violin teacher and practise

Why Was The Violin Called The Violin?

Violin comes from the Latin Viol which means strings

Who discovered the violin?

People MADE the violin. The violin did not just appear in nature.

What is a boy violin called?

A violin is a violin. They are not alive and don't have genders.

What is the ribs on a violin?

The ribs on the violin is the curves on the side of the violin, by the f holes.

How does a violin vibrate?

The strings of the violin

What is special about the violin?

Violin rules...

What are specific names of the violin?


Who named the violin the violin?

The violin is considered to have originated in India. No particular person named it ...

When did the violin join the orchestra?

Andrea Amati was developer of the violin in the mid 1500s. Since then, the violin and the violin family instruments, joined the orchestra.

What family does the first violin belong to?

1st violin, 2nd violin, and 3rd violin are all the same instruments, but different parts in a song.

What is a violin creator called?

Who created the violin????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Where does a violin appear?

The violin appears at orchestras.

What is a silent violin?

The same as a Electronic Violin.

What is the best type of violin?

Stradivari Violin