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What is a Violin?


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August 06, 2016 7:53AM

A stringed instrument played with a bow: a wooden musical instrument with four strings and an unfretted fingerboard, held under the player's chin and played with a bow.


The violin is a wooden instrument, it is held under the chin and played with a bow.

It has 4 strings tuned to G D A and E with the open A string sounding at 440, concert pitch. (A above Middle C)

The Violin is something that is really KOOL!! so READ!

The range

From G below Middle C to G 4 octaves above Middle C (more can be added to this using forced harmonics however)

In terms of sound the violin can range from deep and melancholic to piercing and harsh

A violin is a stringed musical instrument. It is played by either plucking or bowing the strings.

it's a musical instrument in the strings family. It's mostly known for playing classical music like Beethoven and Mozart music. It can also be used for country music (fiddling). It's very fun to play!

Violin can be challenging but is a great instrument, I've been playing since I was 5 and have enjoyed it hugely! Its really fun, and has a beautiful and emotional sound. It can be heartbreaking or happy, depending on how you play it.

a violin is a string instrument. It's plays with a bow which is held in the right hand and the instrument is placed under your left side of your face. it has 4 strings G, D, A and E. G is the lowest E is the highest.