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What is a another name for spider?

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Q: What is a another name for spider?
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What is another name for spiderweb?

what is another name for spider web

Is a camel spider a sun spider?

Yes, Sun Spider is another name for the Camel Spider.

What is another name for spider?


What is another name for a daddy long legs spider?

harvestman spider

What is another name for a spider nest?

a nidi

What is another name for a crab spider?

Fiddler Crab

In Greece there is a kind of spider called marmaga spider what's the name of this spider in English?

The spider is commonly called the "Mediterranean widow spider." "Marmaga" is just another common name for it which doesn't appear to have an English translation.

What is another word for spider?

arachnid Arachnid (or Bob) Arachnid is the scientific name for an insect of the spider family.

What is a sajou?

A sajou is another name for a spider monkey or capuchin.

What is a bird spider?

A bird spider is another term for a Goliath birdeater, a species of large tarantula, Latin name Theraphosa blondi.

What is another word that means spider?

Arachnid is another word for spider.

What is another name for Grandaddy Longleg?

Spider They can be found by running a search for Harvestmen or Opiliones.

What is the female name for a spider?

jacklord spider is female spider

What is a another name for spider gears?

In a Motive Gear application guide, these are referred to as internal kits.

How did the bird spider get its name?

The bird spider got it's name because a bird ate a spider

What is the common name and scientific name of spider?

That depends on the species of spider you are referring to. There are about 40,000 species of spider.

Scientific name for spider?

A scientific name for a Spider is called Araneae.

Is there going to be a Spider Man after amazing Spider Man?

yes there will ba another spider man after the amazing spider man

How did spider plants get its name?

the spider plant got its name because it lookes a tiny bit like a spider.

What is another name for a spider?

My pet house-spider is called Ghost Buster. The 'posh' name for spiders is arachnid. That is where people who are afraid of spiders are called arachno-phobic. Being scared of spiders is called arachnophobia. =)

What is the name of shelter of spider?


Is there any another Spider Man game after the amazing Spider Man?

spider man edge of time

Is there a spider which name begins with a J?

Jumping Spider

What is the name of a green spider?

Green lynx spider is the name given to the green spider. This type of spider is usually found on the green plants and is the largest North American spider species in the family Oxyopidae.

What is the scientific name to the spider monkey?

The scientific name to the spider monkey is "Ateles geoffroyi"