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What is a baked bean?

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A baked bean is actually a stewed haricot or navy bean that is stewed in tomato sauce most commonly. This recipe originated in Maine and was possibly first made by the Penobscot native peoples. Today they are commonly sold in cans with many different flavourings.

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A baked bean is a single bean, a bean baked or stewed in a usually tomato-based sauce.

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Is a baked bean a seed?

no a bake bean is a bean that has been baked and put in tomato sauce. :)

What is the bean cycle?

a baked bean riding a bike

How do you write the compound word baked bean as a plural?

The compound noun 'baked beans' is an uncountable noun as a word for a substance, a type of food. The noun 'beans' is a the plural form of the noun 'bean'. One baked bean is not a meal or a serving. The compound noun 'baked beans' is a word for beans baked or simmered in a sauce.

Can a baked bean kill you?

If you choke on it

What type of bean is made into a baked bean?

kidney beans ;) Sorry Tearlake - the beans used in 'baked beans' are Haricot beans

How are baked bean good for you?

Baked Beans Help Your Digestive System Be Happy.

What does baked not fried mean?

some thing has bean baked instead of fried

What is the state bean for Massachusetts?

The boston baked bean ? Ii don't know.

Where is the baked bean flavoured Bertie Bott bean on Pottermore?

The baked bean flavoured Bertie Bott's bean can be found in the moment "Harry's Escape" which is the first moment of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets chapter 3.

How big is an average baked bean?


Name of baked bean phobia?


What is the Massachusetts's state bean?

The Navy Bean is the state bean of Massachusetts due to the fact it is used in Boston Baked Beans.

What colony is the baked bean state?

Boston Boston

Does orange bread and baked bean have vitamin c?


Is it possible to choke on a baked bean?

Yes, Yes it is.

What is the circumference of a baked bean tin?

20 m

What is the history on baked beans?

people grew bean plantes and they discoverd the bean planete irdk

What type of bean is used in baked beans?

Haricot beans <><><><> The same bean in the US is commonly called a White Navy Bean

Why do they call Boston bean town?

Boston baked beans

What bean starts with n?

Navy beans are a type of bean. They are use in soups, stews and served as baked beans.

Why is a pea better than a baked bean?

It's not. Baked beans look cooler and taste better than peas.

What states has the nickname Bay State and Baked Bean State?


What is the homophone for the word been?

the homophone for been is "bean" in baked beans.

Who was the baked bean queen in Tommy the rock opera?

That was Ann Margaret

What is the name of the guy in the bush's baked bean commercial?

Jay Bush