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The first thing is "condition" for example NIB or new in box valueis a lot higher that fair or poor. Find a value book (the gun traders book published by Stoeger Arms will give you the condition guidelines and pricesAnother item to consider is if it is all original (no modifications , homemade patch jobs etc) , all original is usally worth more than refurbished , reblued etc. Something else on the 69A is the type of sights it has . I believe the ones with Lyman sights from the factory are worth a lot more than the standard factory sights . Ordinarily an old bolt action 22 isn't worth much but the 69a in the right condition and with the right sights was worth anywhere from $221 for a good condition to $594 for nib (add 20% for models with grooved receivers) according to the 25th edition of the Stoeger book . I think that they are up to version 28 now---- I check wal mart in the sporting goods section they usually have them on hand - Look it up for free there , or if you want to buy it they are about 15 or 20 $. Another good place to look is on or on By the way the scope will make the gun worth less. People looking for these old 22's want them all original . The scope will lower the value.

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Q: What is a ballpark figure for a Winchester model 69A 22 long rifle with a Weaver G4 scope in good condition?
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