What is a bed?

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A bed is a division within a geological formation, a piece of furniture on which a person sleeps, a raised area of land, a rear cargo area, and the bottom of a water body.

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Can bed bugs get in your bed?

"Bed Bugs" can, in fact, get into your bed, in your bed, and on your bed.

What are the different types of beds?

* Air Bed * Adjustable Bed * Bunk Bed * Bed Buying Tips * Canopy Bed * Child Bed * Futon Bed * Iron Bed * Loft Bed * Murphy Bed * Platform Bed * Sofa Bed * Sleigh Bed * Trundle Bed * Water Bed * Memory Foam Bed

At what age did you get in the bed like bed bed?

like sex yall

What is a super bed?

A super bed is a bed you get with your 10,15,20 and every 5th pet after that.The Super Beds: (as of 2/2010)* apple pie bed*Artist's Pallet* Bed of Roses*Big Top Circus Bed*Bookworm bed*Butterfly dream bed*Daredevil Bed*Explorers Adventures Bed*Fantasy Couch Bed*Flower Power Bed*King of the Castle Bed*Lunar Moon Bed*Monster (under the) bed*Musical Mastero Bed*Night at the Movie Bed*Princess and the Pea Bed*Railway Dreams bed*Sleeping Dragon Bed*Starburst Cloud Bed*Stardust dreams Bed*Sugary Sweet Bed*Theatre Stage Bed*Treehouse Bed

On the bed or in the bed?

On the Bed

What is a bed on top of a bed called?

A bed on top of a bed is called a bunk bed

Do you get bed bugs from eating in bed?

No, you don't get bed bugs from eating in bed. The bed bugs will be eating in bed when they are feeding on you though.You can keep bed bugs at bay with bed protectors.

What compound words start with bed?

Some words that start with the word 'bed' are:bedbugbedclothesbed coverbed framebedpanbed railbedriddenbedrockbedrollbedroombed sheetbedsidebedsorebed springbedspreadbedsteadbed strawbedtimebed wetter

Name a type of bed?

Family Feud Answers: Waterbed King Bed Twin bed Bunk Bed Queen bed Feather bed Day Bed Serta

What is the difference between in bed and on bed?

In bed is sleeping, on bed is being sick.

What is a small bed?

A small bed is a bed smaller than a medium sized bed, like a child's bed.

In the bed or on the bed?

In the bed means under the covers on the bed means on top of the covers.

Is it bed in breakfast or bed in breakfast?

It is "bed and breakfast"

Which is correct off to bed or into bed?

off to bed

What is a bed frame?

A bed frame is a frame of a bed.

Lying in bed or laying in bed?

It is laying in bed

What is a small bed called?

a small bed is called a toddler bed.

Do you say you have to be in bed or on bed?

It depends you could say you have to be on the bed, or you have to be in bed. If you are referring to having to be asleep at or having a bedtime, the correct form is "have to be in bed"

Do the bed or set the bed?

Set the bed because do means to perform the action which in this case would be the bed and you can't perform the action of bed

What is a cabinet bed?

A cabinet bed is a combination of a cabinet and a bed.

Which one is correct-On the bed or in the bed?

in thwe bed

Is a full bed chper or twin bed is?

twin bed

Which bed line is the most attractive in a bed arrangement?

bed line is the most attractive in a bed arrangement?

What is the difference in length between a Chevy short bed and long bed?

Long bed is 96"Standard bed is 78"Short bed is 69"

What does it sleep in?

A Bed A Bed

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