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What is a belief system?


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A belief system is a set of beliefs by which a person governs one's life, it can be of a religious, philosophical, or ideological nature.


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Bhagavad Geeta is from Hindu belief system.

Galileo supported the Copernican system, but Aristotle did not. The Copernican system was a belief that the sun was the center of the solar system.

The Filipino belief system is based on the ideology of egalitarian. Egalitarian is the belief that for all people the thought of equality.

Most Italians are of the Catholic belief system. They believe in a system of priests and pray to saints in addition to Christ.

which belief formed the basis of the caste system in India

Your belief system....

The belief system is flawed; It requires an input from you!

If it can be believed, or disbelieved, then it is irrelevant to the Tao. The Tao is totally beyond belief, disbelief, and dogma, except for the fact that all belief, disbelief, and dogma have their roots in the Tao, and have no existence without it, as is true for all things. There is no belief system in Taoism; in fact, Taoism could be said to be the opposite of a belief system, being more of an "experience system".

One example of a belief system is religion. Certain religions believe certain things. Also, science is another example of a belief system.

Hinduism has many deities. I'm no expert in this belief system. But I do know they worship deities.

Without belief, we have nothing to think of the world.

Buddhism is an example of a belief system. Followers search for liberation from suffering by following the teachings of the Buddha Siddhartha Gautama.

Politics is a fact of life not a belief system. Rastafarianism is a belief or spirituality system. Much like Christianity and Islam.

Paganism is a belief system by the Celts. Celtic is a 'nationality' for lack of better terms and valued the belief system of Paganism. In today's society for example: Swedes (people who come from Sweden) value the belief system of Christianity.

It depends on your belief system.

It depends on your belief system

I'm 75% sure the belief system is religious beliefs for Canadians.

Jamaica does not have an official religion or belief system.

The answer to that is dependent on your religious belief system. Talk to your spiritual leader.Answer:God spoke the universe into existence. (Christian religious belief system).

Such principle of belief that earth is the centre of the solar system is geocentrism. The model is called a Geocentric model.

The MAJOR belief system in Rome is Roman Catholic. The city of Rome is commonly regarded as the ''Home of the Roman Catholic Church''.

Wicca is a belief system, as is Christianity, Islam, etc. Belief systems cannot get you pregnant.

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