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There are many black and white sheep. Such as the suffolk or hampshires. which have black heads and legs but a white body/wool.

There are also Jacob which are piebald (black and white spotted).
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Why do white sheep eat more than black sheep?

There are more white sheep than black sheep. -Anonymous

What colour legs do sheep have?

If it is a white sheep it will have white legs but if it is a brown or black sheep it will have brown or black legs

Why do black sheep eat less grass than white sheep?

Black sheep eat the same amount of grass as white sheep.

Why do white sheep in Australia eat more than black sheep?

That would be because there are more white sheep than black sheep in Australia.

Are there brown sheep?

Yes and there are also black sheep and sheep that have patches of white, brown and black.

Why are some sheep black and some sheep white?

Why are some people white and some people black? Its genetics.

Why do black sheep eat less than white sheep?

They don't. i have both black and white sheep and the eat the same amount each day.

What turns sheep black?

Ash or soot from a bushfire can turn a white sheep black.

What colors are sheep dogs?

sheep dogs are black and white

What are the ratings and certificates for The White Black Sheep - 1926?

The White Black Sheep - 1926 is rated/received certificates of: Finland:S

What color is an albino black sheep?

Wrong! It is a sheep with white skin and black fur/hair

What sells for more money.a black sheep or a white sheep?

White since the wool tends to be higher quality than the wool from a black sheep. Also white wool can be dyed a multitude of colours.

Why are black sheep and white sheep kept apart?

Well, in the world of sheep, no civil rights activists have surfaced. Until a certain sheep decides to do something about the way they're treated, black and white sheep will be segregated for eternity.

What do black sheep eat?

The same as white sheep - grass, grain and pasture.

Why do white sheep have black lambs?

Sometimes white sheep can give birth to black lambs. This is generally the result of a recessive gene that is usually not expressed.

What is a suffolk sheep?

A Suffolk Sheep is a large breed of sheep primarily bred for meat. The Suffolk sheep has a black face, black legs and a white medium fleece.

Why don't black sheep mix with white?

Because their wool is of a thicker quality than the average white sheep

Is there any black sheep in the world?

Yes sheep can be white, black, brown or a combination of all three colours.

Is a white lamb better than a black lamb?

White lambs give you white wool, while, black sheep produce black wool. So just depends whether or not you like white better than black; or black better than white. Other than that there is no other differences between the two sheep.

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