What is a bleistift?

Updated: 11/9/2022
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"Bleistift" or "Schreibstift" is the German word for a "pencil", literally "stick of lead"

"Buntstift", "Farbstift" or "Malstift" translates as "crayon"

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Q: What is a bleistift?
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How do you say pencil in German?


What actors and actresses appeared in Maus und Bleistift - 1961?

The cast of Maus und Bleistift - 1961 includes: Erika Schischke as Narrator

What does the word Bleistift mean?

'Bliestift' is not a word in English language, -gibberish or possibly foreign. NEW RESPONDENT. Bleistift is a German word that means "pencil"

What is the German for pencil?

The German for pencil is der Bleistift.

How do you spell mechanical pencil in German?

Mechanischer Bleistift

How do you spell pencils in German?

Der Bleistifte = The Pencils

Is pencil in German male or female?

it is male: der Bleistift

How do you say does he have the pencil in German?

Hat er den Bleistift?

What does 'hast du einen bleistift' mean in German?

It means " do you have a pencil"

What is the German word for pencil?

English: "the pencil" is German:"der Bleistift".

What actors and actresses appeared in Der Bleistift-weg-mach - 2008?

The cast of Der Bleistift-weg-mach - 2008 includes: Mira Lieb as Anna Ralf Zacherl as Fernsehkoch Jessica Zang as Kathrin

What is German for you have a pencil ruler rubber and planner in your bag?

"Du hast einen Bleistift, ein Lineal, ein Radiergummi und einen Stundenplan in deiner Tasche." I my bag: "Ich habe einen Bleistift, ein Lineal,... in meiner Tasche."