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The marlin is a large game fish. It has an elongated body up to 2.5 m long, a spearlike snout, and a long rigid dorsal fin which extends forwards to form a crest. Marlin are fast swimmers, occurring in all seas and hunting small and large fish. The larger species include the Atlantic blue marlin, Makaira nigricans, which have been reliably recorded in excess of 5.0 m in length and 1,800 lb (820 kg) in weight, and black marlin, Makaira indica, which have been reliably recorded in excess of 5.0 m in length and 1,470 lb (670 kg) in weight. They are popular sporting fishes in certain tropical areas and are also commercially important as a food fish. A marlin is a primary character in Ernest Hemingway's The Old Man and the Sea. Marlin are rarely table fare. Most modern sport fisherman release marlin after unhooking. Some marlin that are top record setting fish are taken and weighed on shore. Those records are most often recorded in the IGFA World Record Game Fishes books.

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Which is bigger the black marlin or the blue marlin?

blue marlin

What is faster a blue Marlin or a Dolphin?

a blue marlin

Where Does The Blue Marlin Live?

the blue marlin lives in the alantic ocean

Where does a blue marlin live?

The blue marlin lives in the Atlantic Ocean.

What is the difference between a blue marlin and a black marlin?

Click on the link below for more information. the black marlin is bigger then the blue marlin the black marlin can get over 1000lb the blue marlin gets much longer than black marlin but black marlin put up a hell of a fight

How many types of marlin fish are there?

only 3 and that is blue marlin,white marlin,and black marlin

How tall is a marlin?

As in the fish? Well the average... Blue Marlin-- about 11 feet Black Marlin-- usually just a bit larger than blue marlin White Marlin-- smaller about 7 feet

What is bigger blue or black marlin?

The Blue Marlin can get about 4 feet longer than the black.

What zone that a Blue Marlin lives in?

sunlight zone is the most common zone for the blue marlin

What color is a marlin?

A marlin is color blue and white on the bottom.

What species of marlin are native to Florida?

there are more than one species of Marlin native to Florida, The two more common Marlins would be the Blue Marlin or Makaira nigricans which can be found throughout the Atlantic, Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean. the second, a similar species to the Blue Marlin is the White Marlin or Tetrapturus albidus, this Marlin is found in the same habitats and regions as the Blue Marlin

Is a blue marlin an omnivore?


Is the blue marlin the fastest swimmer in the world?

No, the blue marlin is not the fastest swimmer in the world. The fastest swimmer is the sailfish.

Do Blue marlin have skin leather or scales?

Blue marlin are fish and have scales that end in one or two sharp points.

What color is the blue marlin?

It's a bright neon blue.

Do blue marlin sleep?

no they do not sleep

What is the covering of a blue marlin?


Is a blue marlin a fish?


What is the best time to catch a Blue Marlin on Animal crossing City Folk times?

You can only catch a blue marlin in the winter.

Are marlin kosher?

Blue marlin are kosher. I don't know about other species of marlin (black, white, striped, etc.)

What is the Maryland state record blue marlin?

The Maryland state record for the blue marlin is a 1,062 lb marlin caught in the baltimore canyon off the coast of ocean city during the white marlin tournament on august 7, 2009.

Where around the world does the blue marlin live?

The blue marlin lives in tropical and subtropical waters. It can be found in the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indians Oceans.

What feeds on a blue marlin?

hardly no specific animal except human . in the ocean, blue marlin fights in mating causing severe damage to some of them. a badly wounded blue marlin is definitely eaten by any bigger predator or group of predators

What animals eat blue marlin?

Predators of blue marlin include humans, great white sharks and shortfin mako. Blue marlin can also become hosts to quite a few different parasites although most of these parasites are not fatal to the fish.

How long does a blue marlin live?

The average female marlin can live up to 27 years.