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The first answer that comes to mind is 'smart', but I understand that your question is more involved than this. Back during the dotcom boom, the term 'clicks-and-mortar' became well-known because of its sister term 'bricks-and-mortar'. According to Clicks and mortar (sometimes seen as clicks-and-mortar) is a term describing traditional old economy companies that are taking advantage of the internet and the new economy it has introduced. The term derives from bricks and mortar, used in the context of the Web to describe traditional companies with physical (rather than Web site) locations. Companies such as Wal-Mart, Target and L.L. Bean are operating as 'clicks-and-mortar', because you can buy their products both off and online. Companies like that have never owned a physical or mortar storefront are generally known as dotcom companies.

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Q: What is a business with both a website and a physical store called?
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