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Byline in a newspaper or a magazine article gives the author's name and his/her designation / role ; usually placed between the title and article .

Byline is the writers name or a regular feature title

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A byline in a newspaper is the line that identifies the author of the article. It typically includes the writer's name and sometimes their position or affiliation. Bylines help readers know who is responsible for the content of a specific article.

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The byline in a newspaper is like this...


Drug Store Robbery Hits Walgreens' in St. Paul, MN

date and Author Name Here

and that is how it should look or

The Title Of The Top Story Or What Ever Is Going Here

date and Author Name Here

than you will write the story and than spell chck and FACT check (make sure you check EVERYTHING!!!!!!!) and than publish it.

This answer is brought to u by Meeh! becca Rae <3 ! :)LOL

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it is the lines that come after the header

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Q: What is a byline in the newspaper?
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What is a newspaper byline?

a byline is a name of someone that typed the article

What is byline in a newspaper?

Byline is just that. It is the line under the headline that say for example: "By Sidewaysrob"

What is a titlebyline and a subhead?

Title, byline and subhead are parts of a newspaper article.

What is the glory of a byline?

A byline is a line at the beginning or end of an article that identifies the author. It gives credit to the writer for their work and allows readers to connect with the person behind the content. Bylines contribute to a writer's visibility, credibility, and recognition in their field.

What are four presentational features to recognize a newspaper article?

Headline, byline, dateline, and lead paragraph are key presentational features in a newspaper article. The headline provides a brief summary of the article's content, the byline credits the author, the dateline indicates when and where the article was written, and the lead paragraph presents the most important information of the story.

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