What is a cessna used for?

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The question is too vague. There are many types of Cessna from small single engine trainers through twin engine business aircraft right up to large twin jet transports. You need at least a model number for an answer.

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Q: What is a cessna used for?
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What is the Cessna 406 used for?

The Cessna 406 is a twin turboprop executive transport.

Who used a Cessna in 1911?

Clyde Cessna built his first aircraft in 1911. It was not much like toays sleek modern Cessnas.

What fuel is used in a Cessna 177?

Avgas 100LL

What are some of the different models of the Cessna airplane?

Some of the different models of the Cessa airplane are; Cessna 400, Cessna 510, Cessna 525, Cessna 560XL, Cessna 680, and Cessna 750. Each different Cessna plane varies in size, purpose, and capability.

Who built the Cessna 406?


When was the first Cessna airplane built?

Clyde Cessna built his first Cessna in 1911

What is the definition of cessna?

A Cessna is a type of airplane.

When was Cessna created?

Cessna was created in 1927.

What is the population of Cessna?

Cessna's population is 2,011.

What is a Cessna plane used for?

Draining the bank account, and occasionally for flight.

What are the numbers after cessna planes for?

distinguishes what make it is EX: cessna 154, cessna 182 their different planes

What is the synonym for Cessna?

There isn't a synonym for Cessna... Cessna has always been Cessna, has not operated under any other names, and has always operated independently of parent companies which had bought it out (General Dynamics from 1985 to 1992, and Textron from 1992 to present). Only two products from another company are manufactured under the Cessna name - the Columbia 350 (as the Cessna 350) and the Columbia 400 (as the Cessna 400). Cessna is Cessna... nothing else is.

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