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What is a commonwealth?

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A commonwealth is any political entity that was founded on law

and united by a compact for the good of the people.

# The people of a nation or state; the body politic.

# A nation or state governed by the people; a republic.

# Commonwealth

## Used to refer to some U.S. states, namely, Kentucky,

Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and Virginia.

## Used to refer to a self-governing, autonomous political unit

voluntarily associated with the United States, namely, Puerto Rico

and the Northern Mariana Islands.

# An international association such as The Commonwealth of

Nations (formerly the British Commonwealth) or the Commonwealth of

Independent States (former Soviet Republics).

# The English state and government from the death of Charles I

in 1649 to the restoration of the monarchy in 1660, including the

Protectorate of 1653 to 1659.

# Archaic. The public good; commonweal.

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