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She was 45 minutes late and he was getting furious

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Q: What is a compound sentence using the word furious?
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What is a compound sentence using the word precise?

This sentence is precise. + It is also a compound sentence.= This sentence is precise and it is a compound sentence.

Can you give a sentence using the word compounds?

There are various compounds in the environment. It is the sentence using compound word.

What is a compound sentence using the word admonish?

My father is admonishing me to be more careful or else I will get hurt. This is an example of a compound sentence using the word admonish.

Complex sentence or compound sentence using the word abate?


Can somebody make a sentence with the word furious?

I am very furious.

What does compound complex word mean?

a complex compound word involves using multiple hard compound words in a sentence.

How can you make a compound sentence using the word conduct?

mklnlnkjbnkjnknm,. .,,,

What is a compound complex sentence using the word dialogue?


How do you use the word furious in a sentence?

I'm so furious with you that I am not answering that!

How do you write a sentence using compound words?

you can put a compound word into any sentence you want but it has to make sense.(see what i did there)

Can you give me an imperative sentence with a compound predicate using the word chic?

An imperative sentence voices a command and a compound predicate is two or more predicates with the same subject. An imperative sentence using the word chic and a compound predicate is: You must be chic and have elegance!

What is a compound complex sentence using the word pack?

icepack backpack

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