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What is a conservationist?

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A person that practices or advocates conservation, especially of Natural Resources.

someone who protects the plants and stuff

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How many pages does The Conservationist have?

The Conservationist has 252 pages.

What is a wildlife conservationist?

Wildwife conservationist is person that helps saving wild animals.

What would a conservationist be most interested in preserving?

The definition of a conservationist is a person who advocates for the preservation of the environment and wildlife. A conservationist will be most interested in protecting the environment and wildlife.

When did Peter McKenzie - conservationist - die?

Peter McKenzie - conservationist - died in 2012.

When did John Barrett - conservationist - die?

John Barrett - conservationist - died in 1999.

When did Edward Buxton - conservationist - die?

Edward Buxton - conservationist - died in 1924.

When was Edward Buxton - conservationist - born?

Edward Buxton - conservationist - was born in 1840.

When did Kevin Smith - conservationist - die?

Kevin Smith - conservationist - died in 2005.

When was Kevin Smith - conservationist - born?

Kevin Smith - conservationist - was born in 1953.

What is the salary of a conservationist?

no pay

What does a Conservationist do?

A conservationist is a type of scientist who protects animals and/in their ecosystem. Conservations strongly disagree with the cutting down of rainforests.

What is the web address of the Outer Banks Conservationist in Manteo North Carolina?

The web address of the Outer Banks Conservationist is:

What is the opposite of a conservationist?

profligate consumer

What is the phone number of the Outer Banks Conservationist in Manteo North Carolina?

The phone number of the Outer Banks Conservationist is: 252-473-5440.

What is the synonym for environmentalist?

conservationist, ecologist, green

What is a synonym for envronmentalists?

conservationist, ecologist, green

Where is the Outer Banks Conservationist in Manteo North Carolina located?

The address of the Outer Banks Conservationist is: Po Box 970, Manteo, NC 27954-0970

Which American President was the great conservationist?

Theodore Roosevelt

What is the name for a person who helps endangered species?

A Conservationist.

What does an animal conservationist do?

a conservationist is someone who looks after animals on the land/ice. to be better than the answer above an animal conservationist is someone who helps certain breeds of animals population go up. for instance they could help save the pandas by breeding them in captivity and then reabilitating them into the wild. I would like to be one of them.

How much money does a conservationist make?

86,910 thousand a year

What is another word for environmentalist?

naturalist, ecologist, preservationist, conservationist

Is there a career for wanting to help endangered species?

An Environmentalist, or a conservationist.

Who was the main conservationist of Yosemite National Park?

John Muir

What was Jane Goodall's job?

She was a biologist, primatologist (however you spell that), conservationist.