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A contiguous file in a computer is one that is placed on a storage drive in such a way that it is in sequential portions of the drive. This is generally regarded as advantageous because it results in better performance by decreasing the amount of time it takes the computer to read the data (compared to when a single file is spread over a larger portion of the drive and not located in contiguous sectors).

The performance gains experienced from contiguous files is the best reason to defragment a drive.

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Q: What is a contiguous file in a computer?
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What is meant by defragment?

To organize the way that files are stored on a computer disk, so that all the information belonging to a file, is stored on a single contiguous area on the disk.

Is used to reduce file fragmentation because a block of contiguous disk storage can be reserved for a file?


How do you get rid of contiguous files on your computer?

I'm not sure I understand why you're asking this question. Contiguous files are simply files that are not broken up in pieces. As you disk fills up, when you delete files to make more room, the free space is scattered all over the disk. If you download a large file, or install software, there may not be enough room in any single place on the disk to fit the entire file. Windows puts chunks of the file in several places to make it fit. This can slow down the time it takes to load the file. When you defrag the disk, it attempts to make as many files contiguous as possible. Deleting contiguous files should be exactly the same procedure as with any other file. However, some files that the system uses must be contiguous. They can't be deleted because they are in use by the system. If you have any questions, please email me or check out my profile.

What are defragmentation programs?

They take all of the fragmented pieces of files on your hard drive and consolidate them back into contiguous files. This can speed up performance since your computer doesn't have to search for the file fragments.

What is the difference between uploading and downloading on a computer?

To "upload" a file means that you are transferring a file from your computer to the internet. To "download" a file means that you are transferring a file from the internet to your computer.

How do you create a backup file on your computer?

Why to create a backup file in your computer?? If you are going to create a backup file, you should put it on an external hard disk or USB. If you have a file in your computer with a backup file and your computer burns, they will both disappear

What is a library file and give examples?

A library file on a computer is the user's personal file. It could be a series of pictures downloaded to the computer, documents scanned into the computer, or a music file.

How does a Hard Drive become fragmented?

A hard drive becomes fragmented when a file that occupies a finite storage location on the hard drive is modified and becomes larger. If the finite storage space on the drive is not large enough to store the larger modified file, part of the file must be stored in another location that is not contiguous to the original storage location. Thus the file becomes fragmented. Now your computer must search for the file in two different locations in order to retrieve it. This is what causes your computer to slooow down.

What is a fragmented file?

A fragmented file is a file that has no purpose or meaning to the computer. So if you have installed a program and then uninstalled it.... many times the computer leaves files on the computer this is called a fragmented file.

What does a file extension do?

The file extension is the two, three, or more letter code that is after the period in a computer file name. It is used to "tell" the computer what type of file it is and what program on your computer will "open" or "run" it.

What does file extensions do?

The file extension is the two, three, or more letter code that is after the period in a computer file name. It is used to "tell" the computer what type of file it is and what program on your computer will "open" or "run" it.

How do you give computer a virus?

By attaching a virus to a program, or a file, and then sending that file to another persons computer. If they attempt to open the file, the virus will infect their computer.

What is a grandfather file?

a grandfather file is the oldest file on the computer...

Tranferring a file form a remote computer to a personal computer is called?

File Transfer/File Sharing/Object Push

Do file extensions identify which computer created the file?

No. They can tell you what software the file was created by, or to be used by. It will not tell you which computer it was made on.

What command to move data on drive c so that all clusters of a file are in contiguous locations on the drive?

Defrag is the command to move all clusters of a file to contiguous locations. If you don't want to use the command line version, you could go to My Computer or Computer, right click on the drive you want to defragment, go to properties, and choose the option to defragment from there. Or you can go get something like Defragler or another 3rd party defragmentation program.

What has the author Ted Kalmon written?

Ted Kalmon has written: 'Microcomputer software' -- subject(s): Computer software, DBase III plus (Computer file), Lotus 1-2-3 (Computer file), MS-DOS (Computer file), WordPerfect (Computer file)

How do you check that some time before which file open in my computer?

Ahave swich my file open my computer becorse i protecting file.

What is a specific location on the computer indicating preciesely where a file can be found?

There are two parts to this. One, the information in the File Allocation Table, as the file might be spread over different sectors, not all contiguous if your filesystem is fragmented. Two, this would be the specific sectors at which the data resides that make up the contents of the file. Cheers, Chay

Can a delimited file be a file where the length of a file is limited?

Yes, it can be. In computer programming, the term delimited refers to a file in which individual data values have embedded delimiters. The delimiters can be quotation marks, commas and tabs. Deliminters are used to separate words or phrases in a string of contiguous character data to define the beginning or end. Delimited text files are also called delimiter-separated values file (CSV or DSM).

What is better a computer or a file system and why?

A file system is necessary for a computer to work with files; however, a file system is not a physical object, and is pretty useless without a computer to use it on.

What is it called to process of copying a file from the Web to your computer?

Downloading is copying a file from the Web to your computer.

What Gives a file a name and store the file in a certain place?

you have to save it to your computer to have it when you get back on your computer.

Advantages and disadvantages of computer file storage?

disadvantages and advantages of using computer file storage

To transfer file from different computer to your computer?

there are a lot of ways in order to transfer a file from one computer to another computer. first is that you can use a flash disk drive/ USB to transfer file. you can also transfer file by using internet. attaching your file to your email, then open your email on the other computer. you can also transfer file trough network. if both of the computers are network together, you can access your file from one computer to another. these are only few on the things that you can do inorder to transfer your file. there are a lot more to do, just be creative.