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When you are comparing two different and similarities.

Example:Shades of blue outside my window, early morning stillness. Rain drops singing melodies as they glance off the window pane.

Thats a contrast poem.

A contrast poem is initially four lines contrasting items found in your environment, in your life, in a book, etc. The first tree lines are related and the fourth line is the contrast.

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Q: What is a contrast poem?
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Compare and contrast a drama's dramatic devices with those of a story or a poem?

Compare and contrast a drama's dramatic devices with those of a story or a poem.

What is the theme of the poem Steam Shovel?

This poem is a compare and contrast poem. It is comparing a Steam Shovel to a dinosaur. The author is talking about how he saw one, and they are not dead. I hoped i answered your question.... :)

What contrast to the woman is set up in the second stanza?

you don't tell in what poem.

What is poem the woman speaks to the man who employed her son about?

the contrast of the poem is between life and death. from when the mother found out she was pregnant to his hot and explosive death.

How do you find contrast in a poem?

contrasting a poem is like contrasting your tv but you change bad points to good points in that standard geometrical way(without repitition) but more with vowels

The speakers in Whitmans poem To a Stranger and Dickinsons poem If I knew you were coming in the fall both are addressing an lover of some sorts making for an interesting further?

absent, comparison, contrast

How do the lines from the highwayman contrast with the stark reality of the fever hospital why do you think the poem appeals to the two children?

Your ass

Compare and contrast poem the Lynching by Claude Makay and Epitaph by Dennis Scott.?

On "The Lynching" ---- ----

What is is the structure of poem The Drums by John Scott?

Two santzas showing the contrast between what war seems to be and what the real effect is.

What does the poem say that Alicia wrote to bobby in Things Not Seen?

compare and contrast tommys experience to alicia experrience in book

How would you describe the mood of the speakers in Whitman's poem To a Stranger and Dickinson's poem If You were Coming in the Fall?

The mood of the speaker in To a Stranger is kind and curious; the poem talks about how two people could become friends or intimate by one chance encounter. The poem is considered a love poem. In contrast, the poem If You Were Coming in the Fall has an anxious mood, yet it still talks about love. Unlike a chance encounter, this poem talks about waiting until a love comes home.

How does the poet feel about the kites in reflection on wrecked kites?


Why do Shakespeare sonnets at the end changes the meaning?

He probably wanted to change the meaning because the rhythm changed in the last couplet. It also adds contrast to the poem in general.

Is it in Contrast with or in contrast to?

Normally it is "in contrast with..." But "to" is used when the difference is being emphasized.

Who is a modern contrast to Zeus?

There is no modern contrast or indeed any ancient contrast.

What is a poem about a poem called?

a poem about a poem.

What is the Paradox in the poem Success Is Counted Sweetest by Emily Dickinson?

Success is very sweet to people who never experienced it. That is a contrast in the sense that they never tasted it before, and that is the very reason it is sweetest to them.

Techniques for anthem for doomed youth?

the techniques used in the poem anthem for doomed youth is shown in the first stanza where Wilfred Owen writs "bells for those who die like cattle" in this sentence it contrast with a normal funeral ceremony and death at a battlefield where no one cares if you die in this Poem the poet also discusses the multitude of people being slaughtered the rhetorical question Wilfred Owen has asked has a lot of dramatic effect on the poem the techniques used in The poem are onomatopoeia (rifles rattle) alteration sad shires compare and contrast rhyming words rhetorical questions

Who is the Audience in the poem?

the audience in the poem is the reader who is reading the poem the audience in the poem is the reader who is reading the poem the audience in the poem is the reader who is reading the poem

What is contrast generalist?

its something when a mommy contrast generalist does bonding with the daddy contrast generalist and they then form a baby contrast generalist and so forth =D

What is a sentence for contrast?

I will contrast these two plants.

How do you analys a poem?

Some of the ways one can analyze a poem are listening to a reading (for rhythm, flow, contrast, etc.); structure (rhyming patterns, open or freestyle, etc.); words (complex, simple, native, foreign, connectives, punctuation, etc.); content, purpose and meaning; and emotional impact (how it makes one feel).

Contrast between past and present on the poem to India your native land poem by h l v derozio?

the past of India was glorious, but the east India company came and ruined it all. poets no longer sing of its pride, but are more fascinated by its plight and encouraged to write poems about the miserable condition India was in ...

What is a you can't write a poem poem?

It is a poem which tells you that you can't write a poem. :)

When is compare and contrast essays ineffective?

When you can not contrast or compare.