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What is a conversation between characters called?


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A conversation between characters is called a 'dialogue.'


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I believe you are looking for the term "dialogue."

A conversation between two or more characters is called dialogue. One character speaking can be a monologue, a soliloquy, or an aside, depending on how it is delivered.

A dialogue in opera is a conversation, which is sung, between at least two characters.

Dialogue is a conversation between characters in a work of literature. It is surrounded by quotation marks "".

A conversation between two or more people. (or characters in a drama or narrative) by: Sherahmae^_^

Dialogue is the conversation between two or more characters of a novel, play or other literary work.

A conversation between two or more people in a book, movie or play is called 'dialogue.' A dialogue can also be a verb meaning to take place in a conversation to resolve a problem.

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A "party to the conversation" means a person involved in it. For example, a conversation between two people has two parties to the conversation. A conversation between 7 people has 7 parties to the conversation.

The conversation between to people is when you are mingling. Mingling is when you are talking in a conversation amongst your peers.

A conversation between two people is a dialogue.

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I could tell by their body language that the dialog between the couple was quite heated. Citing a weak plot and overly sentimental dialog, the critic wrote a negative review of the new movie. The conversation between two characters in a novel is called dialogue.

A conversation between two flying mammals is a bat chat.

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Ai wrote the poem called "Conversation".

Dyadic conversation is face to face conversation between two people. Dyadic conversation must involve an exchange of ideas between the two people involved, so brief communication is not typically dyadic.

The american slang for a conversation between several people is to make a dialoge

discussion is words changing between persons for a specific matter but conversation is words changing between persons can be anythings.

Give an example of how a conversation between the person answering the phone at a doctor's office and the patient who called could create a contract, demonstrating your knowledge of contract law and agency law.

Technically, you just used it in a sentence right there! :) But I assume you wanted more examples: I had a conversation with a friend They are having a conversation We had a wonderful conversation The conversation was long The conversation was boring The conversation between Ana and Paul was highly flirtatious.

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