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What is user dialogue?

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Dialogue is the conversation between two or more characters of a novel, play or other literary work.

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What is the special window that allows you to change settings or make selections called?

The window that allows you the user to change settings or make selections is called a dialogue box. Some dialogue boxes can be resized and moved but not others.

What is an example of a dialog in computer terminology?

Dialogue in computer terminology refers to any form of text that is being displayed to the user.

How do you unlock a Microsoft Word doc that is locked for editing by 'another user'?

First, click on any other open Microsoft program to see if there is a dialogue box open. When I posted this question, a dialogue box that was open in Excel turned out to be the culprit for Word thinking the document I wanted to open was in use by 'another user.' I simply exited the dialogue box in Excel, and then was able to open the Word doc without issue.

Example of modeless dialog in c plus plus?

Forms and dialogue boxes can be modal or modeless. Modal forms and dialogue boxes prevent switching to other windows, forms or dialogue boxes within the same application and must be closed in order to proceed. They are primarily used to display important messages or to collect vital data from the user. Modeless forms and dialogues, however, do not prevent switching to another window, form or dialogue box. A typical example of a modeless dialogue box is Notepad's Find dialogue box.

What is movie dialogue?

Movie dialogue is dialogue of movie

What is sentence for dialogue?

The screenwriter is polishing up the dialogue.

Does the term line of dialogue mean literally one line or a string of dialogue?

The term "line of dialogue" simply means a sentence or phrase of dialogue...not literally one line of dialogue.

What is the naturalistic dialogue?

when the dialogue is the actual way people talk it is called *NATURALISTIC DIALOGUE*

What is a dialog box in windows 7?

A window appearing on the users screen for a "dialogue" between the user and the software. Example: "Are you sure you want to delete this file?" Yes / No .

Sentence for dialogue?

my teacher made a dialogue

What is dialogue in a film?

dialogue is the talking (the words) :)

When does a dialogue occur?

The word "dialogue" means talking -- dialogue occurs all the time, all around you.

What are the Features of a dialogue?

Dialogue just means talking and communicating. A dialogue has people speaking with each other.

What do characters do in dialogue?

Dialogue just means talking.

What is mixed dialogue?

give an example of mixed dialogue

What is suggestive dialogue?

"Suggestive dialogue" refers to the dialogue in the program that may refer to adult subjects, usually sexual.

The definition of dialogue?

a dialogue is a conversation in a book,play,or film

When was Dialogue Technology created?

Dialogue Technology was created in 1990.

Can you give me a sentence with the word dialogue?

Suddenly, our dialogue was over.

What is dialogue used for?

Dialogue is the connection between two people communicating. Dialogue is used widely in films, novels etc.

What are the different types of dialogues?

1. persuasion dialogue 1.1 critical discussion 2. information-seeking dialogue 2.1 interview 2.2 advice-solicitation dialogue 2.21 expert consultation dialogue 3. negotiation dialogue 4. inquiry dialogue 4.1 scientific inquiry 4.2 public inquiries (e.g., into air disasters) 5. eristic dialogue 5.1 quarrel

What is dialogue punctuation?

Dialogue punctuation is the punctuation you use when writing dialogue in, persay, a story. For example: "The dog is sleeping quietly on the rug," said Marie. The dialogue punctuations are the " " (quotation marks) and the , (comma).

What is Stichomythic Dialogue?

its a fast-pace bantering dialogue. It's has parallelism

Where do you get short stories in dialogue form with values?

story in dialogue form

What is the duration of Death by Dialogue?

The duration of Death by Dialogue is 1.57 hours.