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Substituting eggs is tricky because eggs play different functions in foods: emulsifying, enriching, adding structure when baking. Consider the recipe and whether the yolk or the whites are more important. If baking a cake, it's probably the white (for structure), and you may need to add additional baking powder or a different leavening. For brownies and cookies it's probably the yolk that is important for richness or emulsion, and possible substitutes might range from additional oil or butter to yogurt, applesauce or bananas. The link attached below provides further information.

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Q: What is a cooking substitute for an egg?
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What can you substitute egg in baking?

Egg subsitute, or banana, check out vegetarian/vegan styled cooking, they have a lot of different ideas.

Can golden syrup substitute egg when cooking biscuits?

because it holds the mixure together

How do you substitute real eggs when a recipe calls for egg substitute?

Cooking with Egg SubstitutesUsually the measurements are on the carton that the egg substitute comes in (just like artificial sweeteners do.)Egg to Liquid Egg Substitute Conversion:1 egg = 1/4 cup egg substitute2 eggs = 1/2 cup egg substitute4 eggs = 1 cup egg substitute8 eggs = 1 pint carton egg substituteJust reverse it if you need to use eggs instead of the egg beaters or egg substitue.

How do you substitute egg substitute for eggs?

1/4 cup liquid egg substitute for one egg

What is a substitute for an egg white?

You can use melted margarine as a substitute for egg whites. You can also use egg substitute.

What is a cooking sherry substitute?

A cooking sherry substitute can be a few choices. A brandy, cognac, or a port wine is an ideal substitute.

Substitute for treacle?

There is not a substitute for treacle. This has to do with cooking.

What are the materials in used cooking oil substitute for diesel?

What are the materials in used cooking oil substitute for diesel?

How much egg substitute equals 1 egg yolk?

1/4 cup of egg substitute equals 1 egg.

What can you substitute for egg yoke?

Oh i dont know...wat about egg substitute?

When baking is there a substitute for eggs?

yes. it comes in a carton and is an egg substitute that consists of egg whites. if you need yolks, there is not a substitute

Can you substitute whole eggs for egg yolks when baking?

No, whole eggs are not a good substitute for egg yolks when baking. A good substitute for egg yolks is olive oil.

Can you substitute red cooking wine for burgundy wine?

Depends on what you are cooking. In my cooking, I've found them to be interchanghable. Red cooking wine is NOT a substitute for wine meant to be consumed as wine -- drinking it.

Why is cooking an egg endothermic?

because the egg takes in the heat during cooking, and doesn't release it. The heat circulates through the egg when it is cooking, making this reaction endothermic

Can you use egg substitute instead of egg when baking?

Yes. Folks trying to watch cholesterol may try egg substitute, since there are only egg whites.

What does egg substitute taste like?


Can Sherry substitute for Vermouth in cooking?

Certainly. Sherry is excellent for cooking.

Is cooking oil can be used in baking as substitute for vegetable oil?

Yes, you can substitute any cooking oil in baking, as long as it isn't flavored.

What are the eggs you can use instead of chicken eggs?

The eggs you can substitute are duck, goose or ostrich eggs - basically any egg. All eggs have the same nutritional value, but make sure the eggs you use are fresh. When cooking, check the desired size. The nutrition value is the same in all eggs but not the size. For example, don't substitute a jumbo egg for a peewee egg (these are sizes) as you will get too much wet ingredient than desired for that recipe. Also, don't substitute a peewee egg for a jumbo egg because you won't get enough wet ingredient.

Use a sentence with the word substitute?

Though egg substitute is sometimes healthier, I prefer a normal egg. A substitute was called in when the teacher was in a meeting.

What chemical reactions are involved in the cooking of an egg?

how is cooking egg become a chemical change

What is a substitute for eggbeaters?

Walmarts Great Value Egg Substitute

Can mineral oil substitute glycerin?

In terms of cooking, No.

What is a cooking substitute for gluten?


How many egg whites in an 8oz carton of egg substitute?

one egg white = 3 tablespoons (T) egg substitute 15 ml = 1 T 3 T = 45 ml 8 oz = 240 ml 240 / 45 = 5.333... egg whites in an 8 oz carton of egg substitute