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What is a cool rock band name?

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What is a cool band name for Rock?

liquid iron, rock your life out, ignious

The peace corpse?

Honestly this is just a really cool name for a punk rock band.

What is a cool name for a band?

well i know a really good name for this question. ummmm it is i rock like everyone in the world.

Is tigers a rock band name?

No,don't have tigers a rock band name.

What is A Good Name For Band?

Fire in ice, rock band 5 and sweet dudes22 those are cool names...... just do someting fun and silly!!!

How do you get people to like your band?

Create cool songs and a cool band name. It should work.

What is a sentence for rock band?

Paramore is the name of a brilliant rock band.We went to see a rock band last weekend.

What is a cool band name for a kids band?

the kid rockers

Is there a band called "Rental House"?

As far as I can tell is there is no band out there named Rental House. The name for a rock band would be cool and very edgy. I reallylike the name rental house because there are not one like it out there in the music world.

Witch is better guitar hero world tour or rock band 1?

Rock Band. This is coming from a guitar hero fanboy, world tour is pretty cool but rock band has the better setlist

What rock band has a fishy name?

Eels are a band

Is there a rock band with the name Used Backhoe?

I was unable to identify a rock band with the name 'Used Backhoe'. So, if you are interested in claiming this name for your band, I believe it is available.

What would ba a good band name for an alternative rock or rock band?

EMO'S From The Moon

What is a good band name for a Russian rock band?


What band name begins with the letter k?

The Kentucky Headhunters are a country rock band. KISS is a hard rock band.

Is RIP a good band name?

It is up to you. It is a good name for a rock band not Classical Music. If you want to be creative if it is rock music do RIR Rest in Rock.

What is a chill rock band?

a really mellow and cool song. not like punk rock. it kinda has a relaxing tone to it.

What is the band name for the song welcome home in rock band?

The band is Coheed and Cambria. = =

What is a feeder band?

Feeder is the name of an alternative/indie rock band.

What is the name of a rock band that came from Japan?

Flower Travellin' Band.

What was the name of Miles Davis band?

The birth of cool

Ishay cool name?

Shay is a very cool name. Shay was the name for Joe Jonas in Camp its VERY cool! :)

What is your band name?

my band is a rock/pop band and our name is the fallen ones. pretty original dont ya think?

On Jabberjaw What was the name of the rock band?

The Neptunes

What was the name of the first rock band?

the originals