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What is a cow shark?


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A large primitive shark widely distributed in warm seas .


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I would put a shark with the lion as they are both predators.

well a male shark is called a bull but a female shark is just called a female or possibly a COW...

Bull Shark, Tiger Shark, Great White Shark, HammerHead Shark, Basking Shark, Black-Tip Shark, White-Tip Shark, Whale Shark, Zebra Shark, Lemon Shark, Sand Shark, Megalodon Shark, Goblin Shark, Mako Shark, MegaMouth Shark, Angel Shark, Reef Shark, Cow Shark

A cow, because you are more likely to encounter cows than sharks.

Cow attacks. But this doesn't mean that cows are more dangerous than sharks, there are just more of them. Being attacked by a shark is much more dangerous than being attacked by a cow. However, the probabilty of the average man in the street actually being attacked by a shark is much lower than the probabilty of his being attacked by a shark.

no they do not a sea cow could kill a shark

because it is a beaver a cow a shark a otter and it is a mammal

Blue Whale, Great White shark, a Sea Cow, a Bull Shark and some more.

Sharks are not mammals, they don't have nipples to provide milk like a cow. A shark might be "milked" for it's eggs or sperm.

No, but my question is; why would you want to? Just like flipping a shark on it's back, it should momentarily stun your cow.

Chondroitin is derived from shark cartilage or bovine (cow) cartilage

Meat, Fish, Chicken, Cow, Squid, & Shark

A lion eats a zebra, a zebra eats grass A shark eats fish that eats kelp People eat a cow a cow eats grass

Some shark species for each letter of the alphabet include the following:A - AngelsharkB - Bignose shark, Bull shark, Bullhead shark, Basking shark, Bramble shark, Blue sharkC - Cow shark, Carpet shark, Catshark, Crocodile sharkD - DogfishE - Epaulette sharkF - Frilled sharkG - Great white shark, Greenland shark, Goblin shark, Gummy shark, Ground sharkH - Hammerhead shark, Horn shark, Hound sharkI - IzakJ - Japanese topesharkK - Kitefin sharkL - Lantern shark, Leopard sharkM - Megamouth shark, Mako shark, Megalodon, Mackerel sharkN - Nurse shark, Night sharkO - Oceanic whitetip sharkP - Pygmy shark, Porbeagle, Pocket sharkQ - Quagga catsharkR - Requiem sharkS - Sleeper shark, Sawshark, SmoothhoundT - Thresher shark, Tiger shark, Tope sharkU - Unknown species of sharkV - Velvet dogfishW - Whale shark, Winghead shark, Weasel sharkX -Y - Yellowspotted catsharkZ - Zebra shark

dog, cat, cow, donkey, rat, mouse, horse, dolphin, shark, fish and snake

Horse Goat whale shark Sheep Cow Giraffe Kangaroo Rabbit

The relationship between a cow and those birds that sit on their backs. The cow gets a free cleaning and anti-insect service, and the bird gets food. Also between a shark and those fish that swim underneath or beside it, same concept as the cow example

It depends on the size of the shark and the size of the food. You can't eat a cow whole but you can one hamburger at a time.

Cow is a noun. Adjectives for cow might be:milking cowfat cowgrazing cowor the type of cow

A "cow" is a cow when that "cow" is a she and she has given birth to at least one calf.

Bull Shark, Nurse Shark, Gray Shark, Tiger Shark, Mako Shark, Great White Shark and more. hammer shark, whale shark and the tresher shark

Most leather is made from cow hide, but cows are not the only animals that provide leather.Other common leathers include:SheepHogsGoatBisonDeerElkAlligatorYakSharkKangarooSting RayOstrich

yes it can be a shark because it is a shark.

There's no difference. A cow is a cow, be she dairy or beef or both. A dairy cow to a cow is just another cow. Period. End of story.

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